DVD Pet Peeve #1

This is a feature which I’ll post weekly (or thereabouts) in which I outline my completely irrational ramblings about certain DVD features which I just don’t like.

First in the firing line is two disc DVD editions. No, I don’t hate these, but rather, I hate the completely random way in which the 2 discs are organised within the DVD sleeve – should disc 1 (the main movie) sit on top in the swing tray (see picture below), or should it sit on the bottom in the more traditional position?

Some studios like to put the discs in numerical order, disc 1 on top, disc 2 on the bottom. Some prefer to have the main movie on the bottom, and have the extras disc swing around and be more prone to damage. Some studios just don’t care and randomly chooses a location. And many studios don’t even bother to number the discs anyways, just to make it all a bit more interesting.

Personally, I prefer having the main movie disc at the bottom and not in the swing tray. This way, the main movie disc won’t move around during transport (but to be fair, discs placed in the swing tray is unlikely to be damaged in any case). On average, I have to “correct” this problem on 80% of the 2-disc edition DVDs that I buy. It’s not that annoying, but I’ve always wondered how studios decide which disc goes where. Maybe they even have an executive in charge of making this decision!

You can vote for your method of 2-disc management down below.

2 Disc Editions - How I organise them



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