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Thursday, 17th January, 2002


0. Section Zer0 - An Introduction to this Issue

1. SupportFAQ - Grand Opening

2. DMCA Under Fire

3. How to Cancel/Change Your Subscription Email Address/Settings
- how to maintain the subscription to this newsletter even if your email address has changed

4. A Simple Thank-you
- a thank-you message for all those that joined this list


0. Section Zer0

Welcome to this, the 27th issue, of the Digital Digest LiveUpdate newsletter.

First of all, Happy New Year. The last year has been a year full of surprises, some nice, some not so nice. This year, hopefully, will see the expansion of Digital Digest - already, we have a new section which has just come online.

I've been busy working on some new online sections, which finally replaces some of the outdated sections that have been there since the beginning (and haven't been updated in quite a while). All of our new sections are a combination of PHP and MySQL, which seems to be quite popular these days, and also makes updating easier for me. Stay tuned for more new section in the coming months ...

Enjoy :)

-- DVDGuy

1. SupportFAQ - Grand Opening

SupportFAQ - Now Open

Digital Digest's new SupportFAQ is where all FAQs concerning the topics covered on Digital Digest (eg. DVD, DivX, SVCD, VCD ...) will be situated.

The database already contains a handful of DVD and DivX FAQs, some DVD tech-support guides (from the now closed DVD Digest Tech Support Zone) - more articles and FAQs will be coming soon. Since all the articles and FAQs are stored in a MySQL database, they can be searched, and some of longer articles have fully printer-compatible versions.

You can access SupportFAQ here :

2. DMCA Under Fire

DVD Copy Control Association

A couple of days ago, I posted a news story about an U.S. congressman who has taken tasks to bring down the controversial "anti-circumvention" clause of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

The "anti-circumvention" prevents even the fair use of devices that circumvent copy protection schemes - this would make CD and DVD ripping illegal, even if it is just for personal backup use. The clause also artificially protects weak protection schemes - anyone who tries to break the protection scheme will be acting against the law, even if all they were trying to do was to prove that the copy protection was weak to start with.

Since computers are usually necessary to copy CD/DVDs, new anti-copy systems could see CD/DVDs not being able to be played on computers (and a new CD copy protection scheme by the Vivendi Universal's Universal Music Group could see this scenario come true in the very near future), and this would remain legal under the DMCA, but will seriously violate consumer's rights. Similarly, if a user tries to use a program to defeat the copy protection, even if just to enable playback, he or she would be breaking the law under the DMCA.

You can read the full ZDNet news story here :,4586,5101325,00.html

You can post your thoughts on the issue here :

3. How to Cancel/Change Settings/Email address for Your Subscription to this Newsletter

Changing subscription status for this newsletter is pretty easy. 

To un-subscribe :

- Send an email to  using the email account that receives this newsletter.

To change the email address that receives this newsletter :

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4. A simple thank-you

Just a note to thank all the thousands of people (3000 at last count), including you, who joined the DVD Digest LiveUpdate program. We've spent quite a bit of time developing this site, and making it what it is today, and really do appreciate your continued support.

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We hoped you enjoyed another LiveUpdate newsletter. We'll try to make this newsletter a regular fortnightly one in the future.



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