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MPAA Planned Massive PR Campaign Against Google

Posted by: , 15:12 AEST, Tue August 11, 2015

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MPAA's planned PR blitz against Google
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Internal communications between the MPAA and Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has revealed the detailed attack plans targeting Google for the company's stance on the piracy issue.

The MPAA, Hollywood's copyright lobby, planned a multi-pronged attack on Google that involved planted articles in the Wall Street Journal, appearances on the Today Show and even a statement from a large Google investor.

The MPAA's plans were revealed via internal communications that have since been made public due to Google's lawsuit against AG Hood.

As part of the plan, the MPAA would hire a PR firm through a "nonprofit dedicated to IP issues", thus distancing themselves from the potential smear campaign.

"After the Today Show segment, you want to have a large investor of Google (George can help us determine that) come forward and say that Google needs to change its behavior/demand reform," stated the email.

The MPAA also planned to get studio owner News Corp to place an editorial in their newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, to suggest that Google's stock prices will drop if they do help Hollywood tackle the piracy problem.

"Next, you want NewsCorp to develop and place an editorial in the WSJ emphasizing that Google’s stock will lose value in the face of a sustained attack by AGs and noting some of the possible causes of action we have developed," the plan continues.

The end-game for the MPAA would have AG Hood launch a civil investigation of Google, and the plan would have worked perfectly had the Sony hack not occurred, when internal Sony emails were leaked detailing the MPAA's involvement with AG Hood.


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