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Xbox One Sans Kinect Provides 10% GPU Performance Boost

Posted by: , 15:21 AEST, Fri June 6, 2014

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Removing Kinect from Xbox One brings unexpected bonus - an extra 10% in GPU power
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Image/Photo Credit: Microsoft

Ahead of the E3 expo taking place over the next week, Microsoft has announced that by now making Kinect an optional accessory, developers can access up to 10% more GPU processing power than before.

Microsoft recently announced that the Kinect motion gaming device will no longer be a core part of the Xbox One platform, and that consoles without the camera device will now be sold.

Previously, Microsoft had insisted that the Kinect device had its own processing resources and the way it is integrated into the Xbox One system would not negatively affect the overall performance of the console. It appears now that these assertions may not be completely accurate, that some system resources were reserved for Kinect, and that by removing Kinect from being an integral part of system operations, developers will be able to access additional GPU resources.

Microsoft's Larry Hryb later confirmed via Twitter that developers will need to modify existing code to take advantage of the performance boost gained from accessing the GPU reserves.


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