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This is the version history page for thilmera 7, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 0b177 Rev.3
  • Release Date: Dec 31, 2022
  • [version 0b177 Rev.3 / 2022/12/30]
     ○ AMD Ryzen Master
      ・Improved effective core determination of EffectiveClock for Ryzen5000 series and later, and corrected so that the number does not fluctuate. (AMD Ryzen Master Rev2.8 or later)

Version 0b177 Rev.2
  • Release Date: Dec 30, 2022
  • [version 0b177 Rev.2 / 2022/12/30]
     ● Bug fix for 0b177
      ・Fixed a bug in offline mode (thilmera7n), such as displaying the date line due to the processing of items that do not exist in 7n.
      ・Fixed a bug where the standby process of stage 1 was not correctly waited due to some conditions, resulting in an extremely high load.
     ● Fixed a bug where some settings left the sound analyzer blank when there was no sound.
     ● Changed to retry for 0.5 seconds to check whether the configuration file can be written at startup.
     ○ Apply DPI (v2) for each monitor.

Version 0b177 Rev.1
  • Release Date: Dec 26, 2022
  • [version 0b177 Rev.1 / 2022/12/25]
     ● Fixed a bug that may not start in the Vista64bit environment.
     ● Fixed a bug that caused some settings to keep acquiring data such as CPU temperature not being collected.
Version 0b177
  • Release Date: Dec 25, 2022
  • ■ 0b177 - Highlight
    ・Reduced overall processing costs by improving frame waiting, synchronous processing, and unnecessary processing branching.
    ・Approximately 1.4 times faster by parallelizing the data collection unit. The load is almost the same and lighter than the past version.
    ・Complete separation of the drawing part and the data collection part
    ・Reduction of calculation cost by rearranging the core part
    ・Enhanced PNG, Jpeg, BMP saving function for screenshots
    ・Improved Hyper-V information collection
    ・Added efficiency mode (EcoQoS) option
    ・0b176 and conventional bug fixes

Version 0b176 Rev.1
  • Release Date: Oct 21, 2022

  • [version 0b176 Rev.1 / 2022/10/20]
     ● Corrected a bug that caused the number of digits to be incorrect when 100GB or more was used in automatic unit notation in units of 1000.
     ● Fixed a bug related to reading text files.
     ○ Added display function for exchange rates derived from APILayer. Updated once every 3 hours. See online help for how to use.

Version 0b176
  • Release Date: Oct 16, 2022
Version 0b175 Rev.2
  • Release Date: Sep 5, 2022

  • [version 0b175 Rev.2 / 2022/09/05]
     ● Weather
      ・Fixed that the diagram of the age of the moon was in the opposite direction.
      ・The number of digits for temperature, rain, snow, uvi, and wind has been changed to a four-digit range from 0.01 to 9999.
      ・Correct one digit in the case of a negative number and shape it so that it fits within the number of digits.
     ○ Adjusted the problem that when the sound analyzer is silent (no audio data) processing reduction, it turns completely blank when the window is updated.

    [version 0b175 Rev.1 / 2022/09/04]
     ○ Corrected to standardize the character width standard value with dot font when using dot font.

Version 0b175
  • Release Date: Sep 4, 2022
Version 0b174 Rev.8
  • Release Date: Jul 2, 2022

  • [version 0b174 Rev.8 / 2022/07/01]
     ● Fixed a bug that Web communication was judged to have failed improperly in rev7.

     [Updater / 2022/07/01]
      ● Fixed a bug in that the process did not end when the window was closed while the UI was selected.
      ● Fixed a bug that it is judged that Web communication has failed improperly.

Version 0b174 Rev.7
  • Release Date: Jul 1, 2022
  • [version 0b174 Rev.7 / 2022/07/01]
     ○ Status posting
      ・ Added an option to limit the number of tweets. When the number exceeds the specified number, the old one is deleted. Unlimited by specifying 0.
      ・ Fixed a bug that Slack could not be turned on and off correctly.
     ○ Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1p.
     ● Fixed a bug that the transparency of the background could not be changed in the layered software drawing.
     ● Adjusted the parameter of the gauge of "NVIDIA memory, video".
     ○ If not specify a proxy, it will be automatic on Windows 8.1 or later. Changed to use IE proxy information for less than 8.1.
     ○ Changed the openssl route on Windows 7 or lower to be used only when normal HTTPS communication fails. However, this route does not support proxies.

     [Updater / 2022/07/01]
      ○ Proxy
       ・ Fixed a bug that thilmera proxy setting information was not loaded before communication from
       ・ If not specify a proxy, it will be automatic on Windows 8.1 or later. Changed to use IE proxy information for less than 8.1.

    [version 0b174 Rev.6 / 2022/06/21]
     ● Fixed a bug that the HDD SMART information report becomes an error in some environments.
     ○ Added 1009 SMART explanations.
     ○ Changed to combine saving and reference of duplicate character strings into one in multilingual processing.
     ○ Added an option to disable all keymaps except hotkeys.
     ○ Added the condition "PC utilization rate upper" to the trigger action.

Version 0b174 Rev.5
  • Release Date: Jun 18, 2022

  • [version 0b174 Rev.5 / 2022/06/18]
     ● Fixed a bug that some versions of AMD Ryzen Master 2.8 or lower are not displayed from 0b174.
     ● Fixed a bug that C0000013 error may be thrown when the logical drive is turned on in the old OS.
     ● Fixed the problem that VRAM items may be misaligned.

    [version 0b174 Rev.3-4 / 2022/06/17]
     ● [Important] Fixed a fatal bug that the setting UI was not displayed due to corruption in offline mode.
     ● Fixed the display of the text in the license display frame on the setting screen.

Version 0b174 Rev.2
  • Release Date: Jun 17, 2022

  • [version 0b174 Rev.2 / 2022/06/17]
     ● Fixed the problem that the service starts in offline mode when the N version without explicit offline parameters is registered as a service.
     ● Fixed the display corruption of VRAM percentage in non-DXGI.

Version 0b174 Rev.1
  • Release Date: Jun 16, 2022
Version 0b173 Rev.3
  • Release Date: Apr 8, 2022

  • [version 0b173 Rev.3 / 2022/04/08]
    ● Adjustment of synchronization timing.

Version 0b173 Rev.2
  • Release Date: Apr 8, 2022

  • [version 0b173 Rev.2 / 2022/04/07]
    ● Fixed a bug in the obling style of line breaks in the disk IO list.

Version 0b173 Rev.1
  • Release Date: Apr 7, 2022

  • [version 0b173 Rev.1 / 2022/04/07]
    ● Fixed a bug in some pointer references in the settings window.

Version 0b173
  • Release Date: Apr 7, 2022

  • [version 0b173 / 2022/04/07]
    ● [Important] Fixed a bug that items such as CPU temperature could not be enabled when there was no setting to use the kernel driver, including the new environment.
    ○ [Important] Reset all frame speeds and change the 1 second set to the default. Please readjust it yourself as it affects all users.
    ○ Added a function to display the network transfer amount for each process. Administrator authority required + Windows 8 or later.
    ○ Moved the number of frames per dot in the graph to the adjustment range of the preset frame speed.
    ○ Changed so that the percentage of volume (volume adjustment) can be specified for each sound effect to be played.
    ○ Sound analyzer, stage 1
     ・ In the case of silence, the load is reduced by changing so that the Fourier transform calculation of voice and drawing processing are not performed.
    ● Fixed a bug that the interval (second) setting value in the SMART detailed settings did not actually work.
    ● Changed to prevent insufficient securing of UI parts in the setting window.
    ○ Exclusive processing has been added to refreshing F5, reading settings, and switching display sets to reduce the phenomenon of display corruption.
    ○ Added a setting that does not inherit the minimized state at the end.
    ○ Added a setting to display the main window on the back.
    ○ Added a setting that does not activate the main window when the task tray icon is clicked.
    ○ Changed to activate the window when the setting window etc. is called again while it is open.
    ○ Changed to redraw the contents without waiting for the next frame timing when the window size is changed, mainly for low refresh rates.
    ○ Added an option to consider the taskbar in determining the mode to hide thilmera when using the full screen.
    ○ Addition of options to specify the action when double-clicking the main window.
    ● Radeon
     ・ Fixed a bug that the wattage value was incorrect in a relatively new environment.
     ・ Fixed a bug that the junction temperature is not updated when the temperature is off and the junction temperature is on.
    ○ Hardware drawing
     ・ Fixed that the background transparency specification was applied even if the layered setting was off.
     ・ Fixed a bug that the background becomes transparent when the back color is # 000000.
     ・ Weight reduction of Usage graph and IO graph.
     ・ Fixed a bug that unnecessary lines are inserted in the process icon.

Version 0b172 Rev.8
  • Release Date: Mar 28, 2022

  • [version 0b172 Rev.8 / 2022/03/28]
    ○ [Important] Readjusted the frame calculation of the main window
     ・ Fixed a bug that the correct frame time is not calculated after 0b166 Rev.1 if the specified time is exceeded once, such as at startup.
     ・ Fixed a bug that the temperature and top process often do not start at the timing that matches the original target frame.
     ・ By this change, the speed of the frame will increase considerably by default.
      ・ Because it is different from the feeling so far, if you are interested, please adjust the time setting of the frame or use the added setting "fixed time wait".
      ・ Since the frame speed itself will be faster, the load will be higher than before with the same settings.
    ● Fixed a bug that subthreads of the same type are not called after they are terminated once.
    ○ Added a setting that does not display the CPU temperature on the CPU main line. For applications such as temperature color only.
    ● Fixed a bug that the display is broken when the temperature color is divided into two in some settings.

Version 0b172 Rev.7
  • Release Date: Mar 27, 2022

  • [version 0b172 Rev.7 / 2022/03/27]
    ● Fixed a bug that the code under development was mixed.

Version 0b172 Rev.6
  • Release Date: Mar 27, 2022

  • [version 0b172 Rev.6 / 2022/03/27]
    ● [Important] Fixed a bug that the notation such as traffic counter and NET speed is displayed as an incorrect value due to a mistake in calling some 64-bit functions.
     Since there is no problem with the cumulative data itself, this modification will return the displayed value to the original value.
    ○ Added a setting that does not display the temperature after the decimal point for space saving.
    ○ Changed to maintain the display state of the setting window etc. when the program is restarted.
    ○ Adjusted NET speed line breaks in portrait style.
    ● Dealing with cases where the comparison value of drive health status becomes incorrect due to an old update.
    ○ If the system is ARM64 architecture, the 32-bit program will start the ARM64 native version.

      ● Fixed a bug that the updater was not automatically restarted due to exclusive processing when starting from the updater and updating the updater itself.
      ○ If the system has an ARM64 architecture, the ARM64 native version will be started.

    [version 0b172 Rev.5 / 2022/03/23]
    ● Fixed a bug that keymap information including hotkeys is lost.
     To restore, copy the contents starting with "key_map =" in the backup in the ini_history folder to the end of the current ini file.
     If it starts with "key_map =;", it will be the data after it disappears, so please look for one without a semicolon at the beginning.
    ○ Added a "News Letter" button to the setting window that manually displays important notifications.
    ○ Minor corrections to the code as a whole.

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