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Version 0.98
  • Release Date: May 10, 2006
  • Added a simple timer as well as a text field for the current target directory size on the copy tab.
  • Fixed a problem with the installer. This significantly speeds up the installation process.
  • Handling of the user interface lanuage is much more sophisticated now (in expectation of some translations to come soon).
  • Added an MPEG dump mode. The source DVD is not copied in this mode, but the contained cells are dumped to separate files instead.
  • Enhanced handling of the installation prefix.
Version 0.97
  • Release Date: Apr 17, 2006
  • Added a button to restore the hardwire default settings
  • User is now asked to confirm when leaving the settings page with unsaved changes
  • We have a new icon!
  • Fixed a problem when compiling against libdvdread-0.9.5
  • Fixed some signed/unsigned issues which caused compiler warnings on some platforms
  • Introduced support for running from a binary distribution packaged with par (perl archiver)
  • Wrote an installer and uninstaller for the binary distribution
Version 0.96
  • Release Date: Mar 3, 2006
  • V0.96 does not have any essential new features, but two major bug fixes.
  • The "improvement" of V0.95 with the log viewer is fixed to print out lines separately again. V0.95 prints everything in one big chunk.
  • The second fix is with multi angle titles. Now their size should be computed correctly. Thus also the evaporation factor is correct now.
  • qVamps now supports a new feature of Vamps V0.99.1. Gaps in cells, i.e. space that does not contain any movie content, are now taken into account when computing the evaporation factor. This gives a more accurate result of the copy's final size.
  • qVamps now checks the installed version of Vamps during startup. You will get a warning message, if you should update to a more recent version. qVamps will not run correctly when the warning shows up!
  • IMPORTANT: qVamps V0.96 silently overwrites the user settings for
    - play_dvd_cells and
    - evaporate_cell
    This is to make use of new features introduced into Vamps V0.99.1. The old settings are saved into .bak entries in ~/.qvamps/qvampsrc. You may adjust the settings to your preference again and then delete the .bak lines. It is unlikely that some user has changed these settings though.

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