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Version 0.72
  • Release Date: Jan 26, 2007
  • fixed separate not working with -close
  • changed will not encode pulldown when interlaced disabled but pulldown enabled
  • small tweak to 2 pass ratecontrol
Version 0.70
  • Release Date: May 9, 2006
  • improved 1 pass ratecontrol
  • improved 2 pass ratecontrol
  • improved ac3 encoding low volume problem
  • fixed last frames at constant quant
  • fixed if max bitrate higher than target bitrate
  • fixed 24fps video encoding
  • changed ac3 downmix levels to -3dB and dialnorm to -27dB (Dolbys reccomended settings)
  • changed mpeg2mux(cli option) to automatically sets QuEnc to mpeg2 mode
  • changed extreme setting to not use trellis, tick manually if you want that aswell
  • changed other extreme settings
  • changed auto max bitrate to x2 if over 3000kbps
  • added mpeg1mux cli option ,automatically sets QuEnc to mpeg1 mode
  • added mpeg4mux cli option ,automatically sets QuEnc to mpeg4 mode
  • added pulldown option(must use interlaced encoding)
  • added mpeg4 video mode(specifically PSP profile compatible)
  • added aac audio encoding with mpeg4 mode
  • added mp3 audio encoding with mpeg4 and snow modes
  • added audiocodec cli options aac and mp3 for mpeg4 mode
  • added separate mux option to mpeg2 encoding and mpeg2mux(cli)
  • added source properties detection to some better display options
  • removed -mpeg1 and -mpeg2 cli options, use their mux options instead
  • increase mpeg1 buffer size to 224 if max bitrate over 1800kbps or constant quant
  • increased buffer size to 392 if max bitrate over 9800kbps(DVD max)
  • exposed snow mode (not reccomended for anything but experimentation)
Version 0.61
  • Release Date: May 22, 2005
  • Tweaked Rate Control
  • Fix for bad MPEG-1 files ending up with no Aspect Ratio

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