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Version 9.0
  • Release Date: Aug 23, 2017
    • All new layer filters let you add photo+video effects easily
    • Over 45 built-in layer filters
    • Combine layer filters with other effects like Slide Styles and transitions
    • Use the layer filter browser to quickly pick filters with a real-time preview
    • Easily apply effects like sepia, HDR, film, and more
    • Create photos, videos and captions that move together
    • Use the follow filter to have one layer or caption follow another
    • Pick what gets followed – position, zoom, rotation or tilt
    • Specify custom offsets to create collages and grids
    • Keep captions pinned to their photos
    • Create multi-image layouts easier than ever
    • Add quick animations to any photo or video
    • Over 150 built-in, professionally designed motion filters
    • Combine fly in, normal, and fly out motion filters for unique effects
    • Fly In motion filters animate how a photo or video come onto the screen
    • Normal motion filters animate the photo or video during the slide
    • Fly Out motion filters animate how a photo or video leaves the screen
    • Customize speed and duration of motion filters
    • Combine motion filters with layer filters, Slide Styles and transition effects
    • All-new color palettes let you pick from built-in, curated sets of colors
    • Create your own color palettes with your favorite colors
    • See complimentary colors to help you create the perfect color scheme
    • Variations show you slightly different versions of the current color to help you pick the perfect shade
    • Improved color tool gives you a bigger preview of the current color
    • See the original color and your new color side-by-side for quick comparisons
    • Adding video clips to your shows just got a whole lot faster
    • Up to 3x faster importing for videos
    • Improved video import quality for many formats
    • New vignette presets let you apply pre-defined vignettes with just a click
    • Several built-in vignette presets included
    • Create your own presets using your favorite vignette styles
    • The vignette tool now remembers the last used settings

    • See a list of outputs created for any show
    • Quickly see what you’ve created, and when
    • Easily find where published videos are saved
    • Open published videos, or open their location in Windows Explorer
    • Prepare multiple outputs in advance and queue them up
    • Run the queue when you’re ready, and let ProShow create all the output
    • Perfect for letting ProShow create all your videos while you’re away from the computer
    • Manage the queue anytime – add, remove, and reorder queued outputs
    • Create ultra-high definition videos with new 4K video output presets
    • Easily access from the Video for Web, Devices and Computers window
    • 4K video is 4 times higher resolution than 1080p video
    • Suitable for creation and use on faster, modern computers
    • Improved video publishing for many formats
    • Faster video encoding, up to 1.5x faster than previous versions
    • Improved support for PAL MPEG-4 videos
    • New an improved profiles in Video for Web, Devices and Computers
    • Get up to 2x faster H.264 video encoding on supported computers
    • Works with dedicated NVidia and Intel video encoding hardware found on many higher-end video cards
    • New preference to always use a default font of your choosing for captions, instead of the last used font
    • Improved Remix tool for the Wizard now remembers and maintains single-image/single caption combinations
    • Improved Wizard preview now lets you save your show from within the wizard, great for trying different versions of a show
    • Caption Motion Filters have replaced Caption Behaviors, and are now found in the new Filters tab
    • Easily opt-out of WebM output when creating HTML5 video, which makes creating HTML5 output almost twice as fast
    • Improved defaults for Synchronize Show to Soundtrack enhances how audio is synchronized in your show
    • Improved network support makes it easier to use files from network shares, or when folders are mapped to network locations
    • Improved support for running in virtual machines with folders shared between Mac + Windows
    • Many stability improvements across the software
Version 8.0
  • Release Date: Jul 20, 2016
    • Please refer to this page for a full list of changes
Version 8.0
  • Release Date: Jul 20, 2016
    • Please refer to this page for a full list of changes
Version 7.0
  • Release Date: May 21, 2015
    • Please refer to this page for a full list of changes
Version 6.0.3410
  • Release Date: Feb 14, 2014
  • Added ability to import photos and videos from Flickr
  • Updated default window layouts
  • Fixed terminal video output stall affecting some formats
  • Fixed reset button in Adjustments section of Background tab within Slide Options
  • Fixed missing Blur / Sharpen options in Background tab of Show Options
  • Fixed import problem affecting certain interlaced videos (MTS / M2TS)
  • Fixed codec conflict preventing import of certain M4A tracks on some systems
  • Fixed problems with audio from some video layers in video output
  • Fixed the Desaturate option for DVD and other video output formats
  • Fixed application of saturation values from slide styles
  • Fixed issue where EXIF options could fail to appear in caption macro dialog
  • Fixed problems in Slide Options following certain undo actions
  • Fixed issue causing text to be removed when creating a new caption
  • Fixed import problem with videos using the CineForm codec
  • Fixed import problem affecting videos with variable framerate
  • Fixed typo in the Set Show Thumbnail dialog
  • Fixed problem with panes in certain default layouts
  • Fixed rare Presenter playback crash affecting certain systems
  • Fixed problem where video rendering could fail to complete on some systems
  • Fixed compression artifacting of AAC audio channel in video output
  • Fixed highlight on interactive captions in Blu-ray menus
  • Fixed incorrect navigation caused by blank captions in Blu-ray menus
  • Fixed inability to upload directly to Vimeo
Version 6.0.3395
  • Release Date: Dec 23, 2013
  • Added support for importing photos and videos from Flickr
  • Fixed terminal video output stall affecting some formats
  • Fixed problems with missing files in default templates
  • Fixed reset button in Adjustments section of Background tab within Slide Options
Version 6.0
  • Release Date: Dec 18, 2013
  • Please refer to this page for a full list of changes
Version 5.0.3310
  • Release Date: Mar 8, 2013
  • Fixed display problems in GPU accelerated shows caused by certain NVIDIA drivers
  • Fixed crash conditions caused by playing certain shows through Presenter
  • Fixed problem where installation could fail on some systems
  • Fixed crash condition caused by certain PNG images
  • Fixed import failure affecting some MP3 files
  • Fixed issue where some MP3 tracks could end prematurely
Version 5.0.3297
  • Release Date: Nov 22, 2012
Version 5.0.3296
  • Release Date: Nov 3, 2012
Version 5.0.3280
  • Release Date: Aug 11, 2012
Version 5.0.3256
  • Release Date: Aug 11, 2012
  • Fixed playback sync issue associated with certain monitor refresh rates
Version 5.0.3256
  • Release Date: Aug 1, 2012
  • Fixed playback sync issue associated with certain monitor refresh rates
Version 5.0.3222
  • Release Date: Jun 6, 2012
  • Added new details about slide contents to the Slide Inspector pane
  • Number of unique replaceable photos/videos
  • Number of non-replaceable photos/videos
  • Improved support for GPU acceleration with certain integrated video solutions
  • Fixed audio fading issues affecting the main soundtrack
  • Fixed layer aspect ratio setting for tilted layers
  • Fixed layer sharpening under GPU acceleration
  • Fixed crash that could occur when selecting a layer / caption from Slide Options
  • Fixed installation failure caused by menu themes with missing fonts
  • Fixed startup failure caused by menu themes with missing fonts
  • Fixed preview of applied slide style in Slide Options navigation panel
  • Fixed problems with automatic update of show thumbnail
  • Fixed issue where certain complex shows could fail to load
  • Fixed intermittent crash caused by playing multiple web shows in sequence
  • Fixed several issues that could cause large shows to crash during output
  • Fixed crash caused by show pause during caption fly-out
  • Fixed crash under GPU acceleration related to playback controls
  • Fixed limited display area in output for some older shows
  • Fixed default Slide Options size for certain display resolutions
  • Fixed issue where some videos could import at the wrong aspect ratio
  • Fixed issue where some video layers could have incorrect trim in output
Version 5.0
  • Release Date: Jan 18, 2012
  • Please refer to this page for a full list of changes
Version 4.52.3048
  • Release Date: May 19, 2011
  • Please Note: ProShow 4.52 provides a number of fixes and adjustments. Many of these changes may be be available to users of older versions by updating the burning support (Help > Upgrade DVD/Blu-ray/CD Support) and updating the Device support (Create > YouTube, click on the green Upgrade bar).

  • Added new profiles to Device output option
  • Removed direct Vimeo upload option due to change in service (now focuses on creating Vimeo-ready file and saving to disk)
  • Fixed problem with optical drive detection on some systems which could prevent DVD, CD and Blu-ray burning from working properly.
  • Fixed rare installation failure affecting some systems
  • Fixed rare crash caused by Internet connections on some systems
  • Fixed crash affecting Presenter based output formats
  • Fixed crash when opening certain existing shows
  • Fixed crashes in video rendering
  • Fixed problem with MPEG4 based Flash output, now supports Flash 10.x.
  • Fixed problem with M4A audio files
  • Fixed problem where some valid audio files could fail to import
  • Fixed problem where Random Transition Effects could corrupt show
  • Fixed problem where Facebook output could fail
  • Fixed problem with YouTube tags
  • Fixed problem with Save Window Layout dialog
  • Fixed typos in help documentation
  • Fixed missing EULA in help documentation
  • Fixed reference to Legal Notices in help documentation
  • Fixed audio menu shortcut (Alt+A) in help documentation
Version 4.51.3003
  • Release Date: Dec 7, 2010
  • Improvements to the Wizard
    • Enhanced logic used in wizard to apply slide styles / transitions
    • Enhanced logic used in wizard to determine transition durations
    • Added confirmation prompt when closing wizard using ESC key
    • Enhanced response time when retrying a show in the wizard
  • Other Changes and Improvements
    • Fixed problems with outputting to Vimeo
    • Fixed problems with outputting to Twitter
    • Fixed tooltip for Video File option in Create Output dialog
    • Fixed problem where Blu-ray output could include the wrong files
    • Fixed problem with video trim ranges
    • Fixed problems with macroblocking on some interlaced videos
    • Fixed crash problem caused by adjustment layers in transitions
    • Fixed problem where some videos could be seen as audio files
    • Fixed problems with flipped video layers
Version 4.5.2949
  • Release Date: Oct 9, 2010
  • Added option to cancel content import processes within the wizard
  • Added ability to select multiple pieces of content at once in the wizard
  • Shows created from wizard now include theme and energy values in Show Notes
  • Fixed video import problem where multiple crash reports could occur
  • Fixed problem where slide sounds could end prematurely
  • Fixed crash problem that could occur while loading a slideshow
  • Fixed problem where ProShow could appear to hang if closed while minimized
  • Fixed problem where some MP3s were being reported as invalid
  • Fixed crash caused by having too few layers when applying a slide style
  • Fixed problem where some video layers could playback too quickly
  • Fixed problems with layer order in shows created by the wizard
  • Fixed problem where blank shows could be created with the wrong custom aspect ratio
  • Fixed problems caused by changing title of Blank Show in New Slide Show dialog
  • Fixed crash condition that could occur after applying a slide style
  • Fixed problem where slides could become blank after sending a Problem Report
Version 4.5.2929
  • Release Date: Sep 23, 2010
  • New! Create Shows Automatically
    • Wizard effortlessly builds complete shows with photos, videos, music and effects
    • Wizard intelligently adds effects and builds a custom show with your content
    • Nearly instant preview of your show - no need to wait for rendering
    • Wizard shows can be edited in ProShow for full creative control
    • Add photos, videos, text and music
    • Control order of content, trim videos, and edit text
    • Add your own custom soundtrack
    • Pick from 14 different themes
    • Create your own themes, and edit existing themes
    • Bias the energy level to create shows that are calm, or shows that are a little crazy
  • New! Over 110 New Transition Effects
    • New effects you can use in any show
    • Page curl, camera flash, gloss, curved path and more
    • ProShow Gold now includes over 390 transition effects
    • Add even more transitions with new Transition Packs
  • New! All New Transition Chooser
    • Completely redesigned interface for browsing and selecting transitions
    • Categories let you easily search similar effects
    • See the name and description of the selected effect
    • Single-click to preview, double-click to apply (or just select, and click 'Apply')
    • Drag the Transition Chooser to any spot on your screen
    • From the preferences, configure ProShow to open the Transition Chooser where you left it
    • Resize the Transition Chooser to control how much you see at once
  • New! New Interface for Creating a New Show
    • Improved New Show interface provides more options for starting a new show
    • Launch the wizard to build a show automatically
    • Create a new blank show, and specify the title and aspect ratio
    • Open any recently used show
    • Browse for an existing show to open
    • New Show interface opens automatically at startup (can be disabled)
  • New! Over 90 New Slide Styles
    • Apply these new effects to any slide
    • Focused on elegant and essential effects that work well in all shows
    • ProShow Gold now includes over 140 slide styles
  • New! Improved Video Creation
    • Support for HD uploads to Vimeo
    • Support for YouTube shows up to 15 minutes (previously limited to 10 minutes)
    • Enhanced the overall quality of several video formats when using the Device Output feature
    • Improved quality of MPEG 4 based video output
  • Other Changes and Improvements
    • Video trim values are now maintained when applying Slide Styles
    • Folders list now provides access to Windows Music and Videos folders
    • Fixed problem with audio clicks / blips at the beginning and end of audio tracks
    • Fixed crash condition in output processes caused by trimmed / cropped video layers
    • Fixed problems where layers in some shows could appear black
    • Fixed missing save confirmation process when opening show from outside ProShow and show is already open
    • Fixed quality problem affecting left channel of AAC based video output
    • Fixed problem where Windows Taskbar could cover Choose Transition dialog
    • Fixed video thumbnail option for Blu-ray menus
    • Fixed rare problem where progressive encoded video output could be interlaced
    • Fixed problem where layer Flip options could be reset when changing source files
    • Fixed typo in Synchronize Show to Soundtrack dialog
    • Fixed problems with AAC audio in video output
    • Fixed problems where the Total Time field in Slide Options could fail to update
    • Fixed startup problem caused by text setting in Windows 7
    • Fixed video import failure affecting some MOV files
    • Fixed the Pause button in DVD disc rendering dialog
    • Fixed problem where video rendering could appear to stall on some shows
    • Fixed problem where changing the source file for a video layer could incorrectly update slide time
    • Fixed label in list of caption texture scaling options
    • Fixed problem with missing right click menu for slide background image field
    • Fixed problem where current slide name could fail to appear in Rename Slide dialog
    • Fixed problem where MP4 files could fail to show in open file dialogs
    • Fixed problem with Vimeo output
    • Fixed problems with show backgrounds set to solid color
    • Fixed problem where some MP3 files could fail to import properly
Version 4.1.2737
  • Release Date: Jan 22, 2010
  • Fixed problem where some MP3 tracks could fail to play and appear with a flat waveform
  • Fixed problem where video layer could appear transparent in Ending Position preview
  • Fixed problem where video layers could scrub poorly after being added to a slide
  • Fixed problem where video layers could fail to appear in slide list thumbnails
  • Fixed problems with clarity of some video layers
  • Fixed problem where very large images could fail to fully preview from File List
  • Fixed crash problem caused by rendering to certain formats from Device output
  • Fixed problem where certain Nvidia graphics drivers could cause image previews to become corrupt
  • Fixed problem with display of trimmed video layers during drag through preview
  • Fixed problem where Facebook uploads could fail
  • Fixed problem where 'used in show' flags within File List could fail to update after opening a show
  • Fixed audio problems affecting some video layers
  • Fixed crash problem caused by flipped video layers
  • Fixed problems with quality of FLV and WMV output
  • Fixed crash condition caused by cancelling the file save process while in the process of outputting a show
  • Fixed problem where preview playback could appear at the wrong aspect ratio
  • Fixed problem where incorrect error dialog could appear after changing slide style categories
  • Fixed problem where captions in Customize Menu dialog had incorrect options
  • Fixed problem with manually entered pan values in the Precision Preview
  • Fixed problem where layers rotated in crop dialog could fail to be displayed
  • Fixed problem where deleting a layer did not properly undo layer matching
  • Fixed problem where video layer could play at wrong speed after being flipped
Version 4.1.2712
  • Release Date: Dec 15, 2009
  • Fixed problem with Presenter plugin installation when installing on a computer which has never had a copy of Presenter installed before.
  • Fixed issue where Presenter plugin would not playback properly in Firefox and Chrome
Version 4.1.2710
  • Release Date: Dec 11, 2009
  • For a full list of what's new in version 4.1, please refer to this page
Version 4.0.2548
  • Release Date: Apr 30, 2009
  • Fixed problem with show buffering process
  • Fixed issue with stalling when opening Trim Video dialog
  • Fixed problems caused by saving over an existing Slide Style
Version 4.0.2542
  • Release Date: Apr 22, 2009
  • Fixed playback problems affecting DVD output on some players
  • Fixed issue with YouTube not handling some tags correctly
  • Fixed rare problem affecting Open File dialogs
Version 4.0.2532
  • Release Date: Apr 15, 2009
  • New! Added option to save YouTube output From the YouTube dialog, you can save the file to upload later
  • Enhanced warning message in YouTube dialog
  • Improved quality of video layers internally and in Presenter based output
  • Enhanced seeking process for Presenter based shows
  • Fixed problem where YouTube upload could fail based on manually entered details
  • Fixed problems with image orientation in some slide styles
  • Fixed warning dialog that appears when applying a slide style
  • Fixed titlebar label in Help dialog
  • Fixed problems with Sharpen values in Presenter based output
  • Fixed crash condition related to cropping animated GIFs
  • Fixed rare problem where some video output could fail
  • Fixed crash condition caused by very long captions
  • Fixed missing Half Size thumbnail option
  • Fixed problem with Replaceable Image option in Slide Options
  • Fixed problems with thumbnail updates in Slide List and Timeline
  • Fixed quality issues with video thumbnails in executable output
  • Fixed problems with the aspect ratio of Web Show menus
  • Fixed problem with scaling for rotated videos in some output formats
Version 4.0.2479
  • Release Date: Feb 12, 2009
  • Fixed problems that could cause video output to fail on some systems
  • Fixed problem where slide lock settings could be lost
  • Improved compatiblity and stability of Device output
Version 4.0.2477
  • Release Date: Feb 6, 2009
  • New! Added option to combine slides
    Right click on selected slides and choose 'Combine Slides' to merge them into one slide
  • New! Added option to paste contents of one slide into another
    Copy a slide in the Slide List, then right click on a slide and choose 'Paste Into'
  • New! Added preference for default slide name
    From Preferences > Appearance, change what text is displayed in the Slide List for each slide when no slide name exists. Choose between standard 'Slide #' text, name of top layer (like in version 3.x), or no text
  • New! Added option to drop multiple files into show as layers a new slide
    Hold CTRL+ALT when dropping files into the Slide List to add them as layers to a single new slide.
    Now you have the following drag/drop options:
    • Drag/Drop (with no keys pressed): Adds the dropped files as new slides, one file per slide
    • CTRL + Drag/Drop: Adds the dropped files as new layers in the slide you drop them on
    • CTRL+ALT + Drag/Drop: Adds a news slide where you drop, and adds the dropped files as layers to the new slide
  • Increased compatibility of Blu-ray output
  • Improved import process for some audio files
  • Fixed problem where YouTube output could succeed but also give error message
  • Fixed issue with some systems not showing bold text in File List for files that exist in the current show
  • Fixed problems with captions in menu layouts
  • Fixed display of Flash output with disabled playback controls
  • Fixed problem with On-Screen Controls option for Web Show output
  • Fixed upload problem affecting some Share Show accounts
Version 4.0.2462
  • Release Date: Jan 10, 2009
  • Improved Slide Styles Interface
    • Categories are now supported for styles
    • Styles are now labeled when they support both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
    • Filter by aspect ratio
    • Filter by number of layers
    • Style info now includes preferred timing
    • Added option during style creation to flag that the style works with any ratio
    • Added ability to edit information for Styles
  • Added an Options button to the Presenter plug-in control bar for accessing additional options
  • Added option to loop video files (or animated GIF files)
  • Improved video import process
  • Added support for custom layer and slide names in Copy Settings dialog
  • Added rotation center option to Precision Preview
  • Enhanced the YouTube output process
  • Added intelligent download progress indicator to Presenter on-screen controls
  • Added new Slide Styles
    • Photo Print Edge
    • Vignette Dramatic
    • Vignette Subtle
  • Fixed problem with manually entered motion Pan values
  • Fixed problems with non-standard installation paths
  • Fixed rare Presenter based crash condition
  • Fixed problem with time displayed in Presenter control bar
  • Fixed problem with slide lock option on blank slides
  • Fixed crash condition caused by DVD output and very long file paths
  • Fixed problem where animated GIFs could lose transparency in output
  • Fixed the options menu in Motion Effects tab of Slide Options
  • Fixed crash condition related to audio importing
  • Fixed several incorrect tooltips
  • Fixed problem audio offsets could get lost after sync process
  • Fixed problems with video speed option
  • Fixed problem where some layers could flicker during show playback
  • Fixed problems with Slide Style filtering following style creation
  • Fixed problems with captions in menu layouts
  • Fixed problem that could occur when replacing certain layers with new content
Version 4.0.2442
  • Release Date: Dec 13, 2008
  • Added support for latest YouTube high quality and HD profiles
  • Added option to the File List context menu to open selected file in an external editor
  • Fixed issue reported by a small number of users where Presenter could crash while playing certain shows
  • Fixed issue where Play/Pause menu time in Presenter plugin's context menu wouldn't show 'Play' correctly when a show begins playback
  • Fixed issue where some systems would not open the help file correctly
Version 4.0.2437
  • Release Date: Dec 10, 2008
  • Please refer to this page for a list of what's new in this version
Version 3.5.2279
  • Release Date: Oct 25, 2008
  • Enhanced Blu-ray menu compatibility
  • Improved rendering speeds for some systems
  • Fixed problems with crop position in executable based output
  • Fixed issue in which Contents of Slide list could flicker
  • Fixed problems with crop orientation in executable based output
  • Fixed problems with some caption fade effects
  • Fixed problems with DVD menu navigation affecting some players
Version 3.5.2268
  • Release Date: Oct 4, 2008
  • Fixed rare crash condition caused by some Text Effects
  • Fixed problem where caption outlines could fail to appear
Version 3.5.2266
  • Release Date: Oct 2, 2008
  • Enhanced Blu-ray menus to improve playback on some devices
  • Enhanced quality of Share Show output
  • Fixed issue affecting caption highlights on executable based menus
  • Fixed rare crash condition that could occur when using certain caption Fly In effects
  • Fixed problem with missing Cancel button in Slide Options
  • Fixed issue where Web Show HTML could use incorrect resolution
  • Fixed problems with PAL based Blu-ray formats
  • Fixed problems with caption spacing
  • Fixed problem with resolution fields in View HTML dialog
  • Fixed rare crash condition affecting Blu-ray output
Version 3.5.2249
  • Release Date: Sep 18, 2008
  • September 17, 2008 Added Blu-ray output
  • Added option to close Slide Options without saving changes
  • Added ability to drop images / videos into "Contents of Slide" list in Slide Options when at least one layer exists.
  • Changed default layer outline color to white
  • Enhanced DVD output to properly exclude Simulate option for DVD media
  • Improved display of Safe Zone to increase usability
  • Fixed bitsetting problem affecting some DVD burners
  • Fixed problem where Video File output could ignore Include Audio option
  • Fixed problem in Record Sound dialog related to illegal characters
  • Fixed crash condition caused by layer duplication
  • Fixed sync problem affecting some video output
  • Fixed retrieval of track information for audio CDs
  • Fixed display of outlines and drop shadows on Show Captions during playback
  • Fixed issue where drop shadows could be drawn incorrectly on rotated video layers
  • Fixed issue where outlines could be drawn incorrectly on rotated video layers
  • Fixed crash condition related to 50 fps video output
  • Fixed video layer sync problem affecting some formats
  • Fixed rare crash condition that occurred when collecting show files to DVD/CD
  • Fixed problems with audio volume in some output formats
  • Fixed issue with display of layers in Slide Options
  • Fixed blurry menu display for Share Show content when using some browsers
  • Fixed problems with cropping video layers
  • Fixed problem with reported length of HD-preset video files
  • Fixed issue in which WMV output could exhibit jerky motion
  • Fixed problem where some caption options failed to use decimal values
  • Fixed problem with files created in Record Sound dialog
  • Fixed problem with display of video thumbnail rendering dialog
Version 3.2.2047
  • Release Date: Dec 4, 2007
  • Updated to keep in sync with Gold and Producer versions
Version 3.2.2042
  • Release Date: Nov 20, 2007
  • Updated to keep in sync with Gold and Producer versions.
Version 3.2.2040
  • Release Date: Nov 15, 2007
  • Fixed problem with Download More Menus link in Menus tab of output dialogs
Version 3.2.2039
  • Release Date: Nov 14, 2007
  • Enhanced the Download Extras feature to increase usability
Version 3.1.2018
  • Release Date: Oct 21, 2007
  • Fixed installation problem affecting older editions of Windows
Version 3.0.1974
  • Release Date: Aug 15, 2007
  • Fixed thumbnail display problems affecting some editions of Windows
Version 3.0.1966
  • Release Date: Aug 2, 2007
  • Fixed "Add to Show" so it now inserts objects after the selected slide
  • Fixed problem where show thumbnail change did not register as change to show
  • Optimized dialogs to make them more responsive
  • Fixed problem with time stamps for backup files
  • Fixed label for Close / Cancel button in Record Slide Timing dialog
  • Fixed problem where track information was not retrieved properly for audio CDs
  • Fixed crash condition related to scaling which only affected some images
  • Fixed problem where screen saver output would not loop properly
  • Fixed problem where trimmed audio was not included in Executable based output properly
  • Fixed display problems affecting some editions of Windows
  • Fixed problem where File List could fail to indicate which files are used in the show
  • Fixed problem where background images on menus could be reset incorrectly
  • Fixed crash condition which could occur on older editions of Windows
Version 3.0.1942
  • Release Date: Apr 20, 2007
  • Changed the Auto option under Adjustments into a button
  • Fixed problem with drop shadows on partially transparent menu objects
  • Fixed problem with menu thumbnails that contain transparency
  • Fixed problem where the Resolution field in Video File dialog could fail to update
  • Fixed problem where video rendering dialog could display incorrect aspect ratio
  • Worked around problems with DirectShow
Version 3.0.1934
  • Release Date: Mar 15, 2007
  • Fixed problem where captions could fail to appear during preview playback
Version 3.0.1932
  • Release Date: Mar 10, 2007
  • Fixed problem where disabled captions could cause UI anomalies
  • Fixed problem where shared shows would only use show thumbnails from a show
Version 3.0.1932
  • Release Date: Mar 9, 2007
  • Fixed problem where disabled captions could cause UI anomalies
  • Fixed problem where shared shows would only use show thumbnails from a show
Version 3.0.1931
  • Release Date: Mar 7, 2007
  • Version updated to keep product in sync with Gold and Producer products.
Version 3.0.1930
  • Release Date: Mar 6, 2007
  • Fixed problem where Video CD menus could be numbered incorrectly
  • Fixed rare condition where audio could end early in video based output
  • Fixed problem where some dialogs failed to recognize PSA as an audio file type
  • Fixed problem where Include Original Files failed to function for Background images
  • Fixed problem where show thumbnail could fail to be set after pasting slides into an empty show
  • Fixed problem where layer Drop Shadow color could be reset incorrectly
Version 3.0.1924
  • Release Date: Feb 24, 2007
  • Fixed rare condition that could occur when including original files in Video CD output
Version 3.0.1923
  • Release Date: Feb 23, 2007
  • Added support for Windows Vista
  • Added completion notification dialog for Video File output
  • Added Outline and Shadow options to Captions tab of Customize Menu dialog
  • Added content size warning message to appear when disc based output dialogs open
  • Enhanced video rendering dialog
  • Enhanced playback efficiency of Presenter
  • Enhanced graphic for ProShow splash screen
  • Enhanced accuracy of estimated size bar in output dialogs
  • Enhanced the way Undo / Redo function with drag / drop actions
  • Fixed various stability problems in Presenter
  • Fixed problem where Presenter could fail to play web shows
  • Fixed problem where List based DVD menus could function incorrectly
  • Fixed problem where ProShow could use an incorrect preview resolution
  • Fixed various problems with dropping audio files into the Slide List / Timeline
  • Fixed problem where audio fades could occur out of place during preview playback
  • Fixed problem where slides and audio could get out of sync during preview playback
  • Fixed problem where Undo shortcut would remove Undo / Redo details from Edit in Menu Bar
Version 3.0.1907
  • Release Date: Jan 30, 2007
  • Fixed crash problem with using extended characters in captions.
Version 3.0.1906
  • Release Date: Jan 27, 2007
  • Fixed problem where caption selection could become difficult after changing the Aspect Ratio of a show
  • Fixed problem where some menu options were not stored properly in saved menus
  • Fixed problem where drop shadows would not appear properly on menus
  • Changed each Add / Browse option to include "Add From Media Source Option
Version 3.0.1904
  • Release Date: Jan 26, 2007
  • Fixed problem with EXE based output where Limit Display Size of Images would not affect menus properly
  • Fixed problem where the caption control rectangle in Slide Options would fail to appear
  • Fixed problem where focus would shift to the File List after using Go To Slide #
  • Fixed problem where stopping preview playback via slide selection could result in the wrong slide being selected
  • Fixed problem where a menu thumbnail could fail to appear after being selected via the Set Show Thumbnail dialog
Version 3.0
  • Release Date: Dec 13, 2006
  • Crop and Rotate Your Photos- Make a good photo even better! ProShow Standard 3.0 allows you to crop and rotate your photos conveniently.
  • Red-Eye Removal- Easily fix those distracting red-eye photos with ProShow Standard 3.0. Just use the red-eye removal tool to quickly correct any photo in your show.
  • Specify Transition Effects- Take control of your transition effects. ProShow Standard 3.0 lets you decide what effects are used when randomizing transitions.
  • Startup Tutorial- Don't know where to start? ProShow Standard 3.0 has a startup tutorial that will guide you through the basic steps of creating your first slide show.
  • New Waveform Bar- View your audio file's waveform in the Soundtrack bar with ProShow Standard 3.0. This makes it easy to determine, at a glance, where your songs begin and end.
  • Favorites Pane- Make all your important folders available at your fingertips with ProShow Standard 3.0. Simply right-click on a folder to add it to the Favorites Pane.
  • Optimize Video Compression- Optimize video file sizes with new video compression options
  • Find Missing Files- Did you misplace something? The new Find Missing Files feature makes locating files a snap.
  • Please refer to the Revisions Page for more information
Version 2.6.1777
  • Release Date: Jul 29, 2006
  • Fixed stability issues caused by loading images containing EXIF fields.
Version 2.6.1775
  • Release Date: Apr 7, 2006
  • Fixed problems with some images containing color profiles.
Version 2.6.1774
  • Release Date: Mar 12, 2006
  • Fixed problems with creating CD output on some systems
  • Fixed various problems with creating ISO files from shows
  • Fixed a few stability problems
  • Fixed problem with moving the 1st caption 'down' on a customized menu
  • Fixed problem where red 'X' icon that resets the end time for an audio track was disabled after adding a new track
  • Fixed problem where 'drop shadow' didn't work on thumbnail images on customized menu
  • Fixed crash problem while decoding corrupted EXIF data
  • Fixed problem loading saved menu files.
  • Fixed problems with disappearing menu thumbnails after canceling encoding
  • Fixed crash problem with encoding video from shows that use a lot of image corrections (brightness / blackpoint / etc.)
  • Improved the way Proshow rotates images based on EXIF orientation fields

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