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Version 3.11
  • Release Date: Aug 22, 2011
  • Internal modification like Mac App Store version
  • Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • Fix an encoding issue with nVidia OpenCL graphic card on Mac OS X 10.7
Version 3.09
  • Release Date: Jan 13, 2011
  • Replaced deprecated API
  • Fix some encoding errors.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 3.08
  • Release Date: Dec 24, 2009
  • Fix an encoding issue with ATI 48xx on Snow Leopard.
  • Fix an encoding aspect ratio issue.
Version 3.07
  • Release Date: Oct 4, 2009
  • Encoding optimized with OpenCL and Grand Central under Snow Leopard
  • Lower CPU usage for displaying menu
  • Better memory management when encoding
  • Fix an issue with H.264 and AAC video file
  • Fix an aspect ratio display error with Video theme
  • Fix some issue under Snow Leopard
Version 3.06
  • Release Date: Jun 5, 2009
  • Fix an encoding issue with 8 cores Mac Pro
  • Fix some memory leaks
  • Fix an issue with large MP3 files for audio of menus
  • Fix a crash when loading some kind of projects
Version 3.05
  • Release Date: Mar 23, 2009
  • Fix an issue with multiplexed MPEG video file
  • Fix an issue of encoding (OpenGL decoder fix)
  • Update of multiplexer open source tool
  • German Localization
  • Add support of DVD+R DL, DVD-RW DL and DVD+RW DL
  • Fix an estimation encoding size with ffmpeg
  • Fix an issue with NTSC-Film and ffmpeg
  • Fix a performance issue
  • Fix a random encoding issue with multicore systems
  • Fix some issues with imported Quartz Composer compositions for themes
  • Fix a menu encoding quality in NTSC
  • Fix an issue with different aspect ratio on the same DVD
  • Fix a quality encoding issue with slideshow in NTSC on multicore system
  • Fix a lot of minor bugs
Version 3.04
  • Release Date: Jan 16, 2009
  • Fix an aspect detection error with some video files
  • Fix some crash when loading and saving projects
  • Fix an analyzing error with MPEG video files
  • Fix an audio analysing error
  • Fix a PulpMotion detection error
  • Fix some audio extraction and convertion errors
  • Ask to save project before quit
  • Fix a check for update issue
  • Fix an issue on 8 cores Mac
Version 3.03
  • Release Date: Dec 30, 2008
  • Fix an encoding quality problem with OS X 10.5.6
  • Fix an error when saving project with slideshow
  • Fix a potential freeze at the end of menu, slideshow and video encoding
Version 3.02
  • Release Date: Dec 10, 2008
  • Fix a color convertion error
  • Improved performances of decoder (colorspace convertion on GPU and multithreading improvement)
  • Fix a freeze when encoding a PulpMotion slideshow
  • Encoding speed improvement of slideshow up to 50% with ffmpeg
  • Encoding speed improvement of PulpMotion slideshow up to 50% with ffmpeg
  • Encoding speed improvement of menu up to 50% with ffmpeg
  • Fix an aspect ratio encoding error with slideshows
  • PulpMotion slideshows are now correctly encoded with ffmpeg following the preferences
  • Some minor bug fix and improvements
Version 3.01
  • Release Date: Dec 1, 2008
  • Fix a crash when using only one subtitle file per track
  • Use SSA font and size in subtitle file when possible
  • Fix an analyzing video length for MPEG
  • Fix a crash when removing some kind of track
  • Better English localization
  • Subtitles are correctly displayed on DVD with submenus
  • Fix a crash when user try to load an old project file
  • Remove some temporary files
  • Decoder optimisation (OpenGL improvement)
Version 3.0
  • Release Date: Nov 22, 2008
  • New Decoder which is Hardware Accelerated by GPU (Denoise and Color correction)
  • Better performances when encoding
  • New Themes
  • Support for input keys of Quartz Composition for themes and slideshows
  • Multiple subtitle per track
  • New transitions for slideshows
  • Burning without disc image creation
  • Better Graphical user interface
  • 16:9 Menus and Slideshows support
  • Aspect Ratio can be different for each track
  • Update for some open source tools
  • FREE for all Registered Users
Version 2.67
  • Release Date: Apr 15, 2008
  • Some intermediary files where not deleted
  • Disc Image creation is disabled when the user doesn't have necessary privileges
  • Added credits for open source tools
Version 2.66
  • Release Date: Jan 13, 2008
  • Text button can be moved under Leopard
  • Better detection when adding subtitles failed
Version 2.65
  • Release Date: Oct 31, 2007
  • Add compatibility with Leopard
Version 2.64
  • Release Date: Oct 2, 2007
  • Fix an error font installation for subtitles
  • Accept MPA audio files
  • Size update fix
  • More alerts
  • Better DVD player compatibility
  • Relative path for project files
  • Better missing project dependencies
  • Fix an DVD creation failed with UTF-8 file paths
  • Some controls update fix when navigatinf between menus
  • Fix some crash
  • 2 min max for audio menu files
  • Some minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 2.63
  • Release Date: Jun 25, 2007
  • Fix a bug where in some conditions, button selection rectangle where not correctly placed on the final DVD
  • Fix a corruption of the project in some conditions
  • Subtitles where not working on some systems
  • Added Verdana font for subtitles
Version 2.62
  • Release Date: May 28, 2007
  • Fix a bug where encoding did not start
  • Fix some bugs with buttons
  • Fix an error of rendering when navigating between menus
  • Fix some rendering issues in the created DVD
  • Fix some errors with PulpMotion and Theme1
Version 2.61
  • Release Date: May 18, 2007
  • Fix a crash when loading project and PulpMotion is not installed
  • Some English localisation errors
  • Buttons without image are working in english
  • TVZone in submenu are no longer displayed in the created DVD
Version 2.60
  • Release Date: May 5, 2007
  • Add Support for PulpMotion 1.10 for Menu Themes.
  • Add Support for PulpMotion 1.10 for Slideshows
  • Add Support for Sub-Menus
  • Effects for Buttons
  • Buttons without images
  • Color for Selection Rectangle
  • Width of button selection
  • Menu encoding quality settings
  • Adjust position of button text
  • New effects for Menu Title
  • Some new cool imporvements
  • Some bugs fixes from 2.57
Version 2.57
  • Release Date: Dec 24, 2006
  • Fix a bug when analyzing some kind of video files.
  • Fix some Italian localisation errors.
Version 2.56
  • Release Date: Nov 25, 2006
  • Fix a freeze and crash when analyzing some video files.
  • Fix an analyzing problem with some MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files.
  • Fix a problem with iMovie project files.
  • MovieGate doesn't accept to launch on G3 processors
Version 2.55
  • Release Date: Nov 10, 2006
  • Fix some English localisation errors.
  • Fix some French localisation errors.
  • Added Italian localisation.
Version 2.54
  • Release Date: Oct 21, 2006
  • MovieGate checks the name of the system disk when adding subtitles.
  • Smaller size for main window
  • Fixed an error when download failed
  • Fixed a bug where MovieGate waited indefinitely on an encoding
  • Fixed a bug with composition name smaller than 5 characters
  • Better MPEG analyzing and detection
  • Some information missing in the project file
  • Faster MPEG-1 analyzing
  • Fixed an issue with auto update
  • Some minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 2.53
  • Release Date: Sep 28, 2006
  • Check Flip4Mac Codec on MacIntel instead of Popwire
  • NEW Project support
  • Automatic Keep MPEG-2 in preferences
  • Fix an analyzing error with some WMV video files
  • New Theme
  • Button don't move when user only select it
  • Some minor bug fix and improvements
Version 2.52
  • Release Date: Jul 28, 2006
  • Fix a potential crash when opening preferences
  • Ac3 audio passthrough audio extraction
  • Some minor bug fixes
Version 2.51
  • Release Date: Jun 29, 2006
  • Better support for MPEG-2 Multiplexed video files
  • Better support for Interlaced video source file
  • MovieGate check if mplayer can decode video files
  • Check if necessary QuickTime codecs are installed
  • Bug Fix ??? -> 4:3 when decoding with mplayer
  • Bug Fix ??? -> 16:9 when decoding with mplayer
  • Some optimisations for Intel and PPC
  • Color of button selection rectangle in the prefs
  • Some minor bug fix and improvements
Version 2.5
  • Release Date: Jun 3, 2006
  • Animated menu
  • Slideshow with transition
  • Support of Quartz Composer for Theme
  • Optimised for Core Image compatible graphic card
  • Full English Manual

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