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Version 0.22 RC1
  • Release Date: Feb 27, 2007
  • Add AVI as input files support.
  • Add new fresh encoders : AAC(ND&CT-Winamp), AC3(Aften), FLAC(Flake).
  • Add new priority threads.
  • Remove Nero Bundle dlls encoder.
  • Update Lame & Vorbis librairies.
  • Update some Presets.
  • Fix a lot of bugs.
Version 0.22 Beta 9
  • Release Date: Jan 13, 2006
  • Add LST & MUX files support.
  • Add Nero dlls detection. If they are available then BeLight copies them automatically to his own folder.
  • Add a function to find Nero dlls version. If dlls belong to Nero 7 then ND PS-AAC Presets are enabled otherwise this is disabled.
  • Add a Manual Gain option.
  • Add "Go to" functions in Options Menu.
  • Add Japanese, Greek, German, Nederlands and Italian languages.
  • Rewrite & Improve BeLight ETA section. -Update some Presets. -Update some BeSweet libraries. -Update Command Line Part. -Fix some bugs.
Version 0.22 Beta 8
  • Release Date: Sep 21, 2005
  • Fix negative delay insertion.
  • Fix Enabling/Disabling Azid Options for 5.1 choices.
  • Fix Multiple Files processing.
  • Fix Engines Frames choice for AAC Presets.
  • Fix BeLight Position/Forms Resizing.
  • Fix disabling BeSweet Command Line Window.
  • Update PreGain/PostGain processing.
  • Update Bitrate Range for WinAmp multichannel Encoding.
  • Update AAC Output Channels Order for Mux file Wizard.
  • Update Spanish Language.
  • Update several internal operations.
  • Update Nero dlls missing Message.

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