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Version 9.21
  • Release Date: Aug 26, 2012
  • maintenance build.
  • improves Windows 7 compatibility.
Version 9.20
  • Release Date: Jun 18, 2008
  • UNICODE only version
  • Delayed snap feature fully rewritten and enhanced
  • possibly supports more video capture devices
  • removed UAC prompt in Vista
  • fixed: STI registration was creating duplicate incomplete Registry keys (use sticlean.exe to remove all invalid keys from the Registry)
  • fixed: OSD color changes were not applied
  • fixed: TV programs with blank names were not loaded
  • fixed copy of still images to the clipboard
  • added YUV mode if deinterlacing is available
  • added overlay feature to put a logo on-screen, to use a picture as comparator, etc.
  • added support for additional video renderers (including custom video renderer)
  • added the /vdevice parameter to override the video capture source specified in the .ini file
  • added AutoPlay registration to installation so that AMCap is listed when a video capture source is plugged in
  • added "Maintain Aspect Ratio" Window menu option. If this option is cleared the window can be freely resized to any aspect ratio otherwise aspect ratio is locked
Version 9.11
  • Release Date: Dec 5, 2006
  • added "Remember camera controls" option to save and to restore camera information like pan, tilt, zoom, exposure, etc.
  • added TV programs management (when an analog TV tuner is available)
  • fixed an issue that could lead to invalid values being displayed in some error messages
  • added a manifest for Windows Vista's UAC support
  • added a digital signature to the executable
  • added "Still Capture Pin..." option to configure high resolution if a Still pin is available
  • added volume control and bargraph (VMR9 required)
  • added simultaneous MPEG-2 preview and capture
  • added support for Type-1 and Type-2 DV capture
  • added crosshair option due to numerous requests
  • fixed a bug that could prevent compressor property pages from showing in Setup >Compression tab
  • added support for some media and remote control keys
  • fixed menu bar on/off option always resizing the window to default size
  • fixed an issue that prevented the preview window to be shrinked to a size smaller than the default video resolution
  • fixed a possible crash when a still capture is requested and GDI+ is not installed
  • improved error reporting, you should get less "(error message unavailable)"
  • improved still capture, requires less configuration and possibly better performances
  • improved overall MPEG-2 support, more tuners or capture cards should be supported
  • improved MPEG-2 capture so that no external dump filter is required
  • improved backward compatibility for capture sources with a video port
  • the cursor is now automatically hidden in fullscreen mode
Version 9.10
  • Release Date: Jun 27, 2006
  • fixed TV channel selection not working
  • improved overall TV tuner management and support
  • improved DV camcorder support
  • improved capture file management, you're no more required to preallocate a capture file anymore
  • added new Setup with tabs (Capture > Setup... menu). Setup now gives access to some options that were only accessible from the Registry
  • added option to change OSD color
  • added TV Channel management
  • added TV audio menu
  • added audio input and crossbar audio input menus
  • added Synchro Start to start/stop DV camcorder playback at the same time as the capture in one click - added support for AVI compression and CODEC selection (experimental) (see Capture > Setup... > Compression tab) - added a new help file - fixed many bugs
Version 9.08
  • Release Date: Mar 4, 2006

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