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Version 2.8 build 53a
  • Release Date: Aug 15, 2018
    • All: Fixed a crash with some Dektec devices
    • All: Fixed a memory leak when the H.264 decoder fails
    • All: Fixed an issue where TSReader would set the wrong VLC directory path on 64-bit operating systems
    • All: In the UDP, RTP and HRTP source module stream selection dialog, the friendly name for the network adapter is now shown
    • Pro: The stream monitor filename can now be set. If left blank, TSReader uses its default name which is StreamMonitor-yyyymmdd.txt in the TSReader folder
    • All: The TBS 5590 source modules now show the signal level in dBm, the carrier-to-noise ratio in dB and the bit-error-rate (BER)
    • All: The ISDB-T tuner dialog now allows selection between the channel numbers used in the Americas and Japan
    • All: A new TBS 5590 source module is included that supports variable symbol rate QAM-B signals. The default QAM-B source module uses the two fixed symbol rates used for 64QAM and 256QAM modes that's supported in North America
    • Pro: Added the ability to print TSWatcher error reports
    • Pro: Added the + option to the -N switch to allow the Stream Monitor log filename to be specified
Version 2.8 build 52
  • Release Date: Mar 20, 2018
    • All: The UDP multicast source modules (UDP, RTP, HRTP) and the TCP/IP source module now accept udp://addr:port and tcp://addr:port on their command-lines. This is predominantly for support of CrazyScan working with TSReader Pro
    • Pro: RTP packet loss logging now logs the time difference (in milliseconds) between the packet where loss was detected and the prior packet
    • Pro: Fixed a crash with badly formatted SCTE-35 messages
    • Std/Pro: Fixed an issue with the TCP/IP source module where a command-line address that couldn't be connected to resulted in a looping error message
    • All: If the HTTP source module detects a webpage without any M3U tags (such as an error 404), it will now display the webpage for better diagnostic information. The webpage rendering is done inside TSReader and doesn't start a web browser
    • All: Added support for TBS-5580 USB multi-standard tuner
    • All: Added commas to separate the thousands and millions in the multiplex bit rate. This makes reading the mux-rate much easier
    • Pro: The tier level in SCTE-35 cue messages is now decoded
    • All: Fixed a bug that caused thumbnails to disappear when the thumbnail refresh rate was zero (one thumbnail pass when TSReader starts) and the PMT version number changes
    • Std/Pro: Added the multi protocol IPTV source module. It handles HRTP, HTTP, RTP, TCP and UDP streams with a unified stream selection interface. More information is here
    • All: When the HTTP source is reading a list of transport stream files from an M3U playlist and it reaches the end of this list, it displays a warning that the end of the playlist has been reached. This makes it much more like the File source module's behavior. This message isn't displayed when reading plain HTTP streams without an M3U playlist or with a playlist that updates such as when reading a live HLS/MPEG-DASH stream
    • Pro: Fixed an issue with the Closed Caption decoder where multiple languages might cause display corruption of EIA-608 captions
    • Pro: Fixed an issue with TSWatcher that would cause it to hang on a mux if the mux contained rapid SCTE-35 CUE messages
    • Pro: Changed the display of segmentation_upid in SCTE-35 CUE messages to hex since this field can contain binary data. The specification is quite unclear as to proper decoding of this field so this is a good balance
    • All: TSReader is now aware of PotPlayer and will shut it down like VLC if that is chosen to play live video versus VLC via Playback/VLC/Settings. PotPlayer is free and very good media player that decodes faster than VLC. TSReader should be pointed at the C:Program FilesDAUMPotPlayerPotPlayerMini.exe file
    • All: Added support for VLC 3.0
    • All: Updating decoding of the DVB E-AC3, S2 delivery and NIT service list descriptors
    • All: Frame rate and aspect ratio from H.264 & H.265 video is now shown if present in the stream
    • All: Added support for all four tuners on the DVB-T and ISDB-T Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Quattro tuners
    • All: Depreciated support for recording program streams. This is really a dead format and there are much better third party programs that can be used to generate these files
    • All: Added support for ALPTS files. This format allows MPEG-2 transport stream files to be compressed by removing the sync byte, removing similar PID headers and dropping NULL packets - all done in such a way that this data can be recovered exactly as recorded - in other words lossless compression. Compression amount depends on the number of NULL packets
    • Std/Pro: Added command-line utilities ALPtoTS.exe and TStoALPTS.exe to convert these formats in addition to the support inside TSReader
Version 2.8 build 50
  • Release Date: Oct 28, 2017
  • Known issues
    • Captions from H.264 streams are not saved correctly in archive mode
    • Captions carried in SCTE-20 format and written in the archive mode will sometimes be jibberish
    Changed in 2.8, build 50:
    • Std/Pro: Fixed an issue with the MPEG INFO command where CRC counters would always report zero
    • Std/Pro: Fixed the Ctrl+A accelerator key (which does Record/Record Mux) that accidentally got removed in 2.8.49
    • All: SAT>IP sources only set the &fe= parameter when the front end is non-zero
    • All: Added optional comma-separated PID list for SAT>IP sources to allow operation with tuners not supporting the &pids=all command. Use of this is not recommended, but is provided for those using these type of SAT>IP tuners 
    • All: Alitronika DVB-C source module no longer erroneously reports failure to lock
    • All: DVB-T NIT can now be exported
    • All: Plugin now included for BISS Mode 1 scrambling. This is often used for satellite feeds and can accept either 12 character (same odd/even keys) or 32 characters for different odd/even scrambling keys. This is documented here
    • Pro: Added an option to select between local and UTC time when logging CC/TEI errors
    • Pro: Added output folder selection for TSBitCounter data, the ability to set how often TSBitCounter data is written and if the total or an average should be written
    • Std/Pro: Checking for a new version now will correctly show a new version available when using a pre-release version and the actual release version is available
    • All: The setup program now adds an exception to the Windows firewall for TSReader since that often seems to get in the way of some source modules
    • All: When decoding the rating level on ATSC transmissions, if the RRT (Region Rating Table) isn't present, TSReader now has region 1 (US) rating data included so the rating level is always shown
    • Std/Pro: New chart added that displays the "Last Sec" rate that's shown in the TSReader MPEG-2 Statistics display. This is useful for watching the rate on variable rate streams typically carried over IP networks
    • All: Dolby AC-4 audio streams are now supported
    • Std/Pro: The "Last Sec." counter in the MPEG-2 statistics now alternates between the data received in the last second and the maximum per second that has been received
    • Std/Pro: The setup program can now associate .ts files with TSReader. It will automatically switch to the File source module when these files are opened by Windows. For TSReader Professional users, we always suggest having the "Default" profile use the File source
    • All: ATSC virtual channel numbers are now displayed much more predominantly much like logical channel numbers in the DVB system
    • Pro: Revived the live mosaic option. VLC 1.1.9 is the maximum version of VLC that supports this function.Configuration details are here
    • Std/Pro: Added the ability to display the user data carried in MPEG-2, H.264 and H.265 video streams
    • Pro: When the Table Viewer is used to look at raw data from a table, multiple sections from the selected table are now shown
    • Pro: Changed the TSBitCounter logging format to make it much easier to use the data with spreadsheets
    • All: Minor changes to TSReader for better compatibility with Wine which allows TSReader to run without Windows on MacOS or Linux. Only modules that are compatible with Wine are shown when selecting the source module and in TSReader Pro's Forwarder menu.We've documented how to get TSReader running on MacOS and Ubuntu Linux here
    • Pro: Added an option to TSWatcher to import the Multicast UDP/RTP lists
    • All: Added support for the Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Connect Quatro with four 8VSB/QAM tuners
    • Changed in 2.8, build 49:
    • All: Added source modules for the TBS 6902 DVB-S/S2 card
    • Pro: Fixed a problem with SCTE-35 messages getting corrupted on networks with a weak and noisy signal.
    • Pro: Added a network-wide monitoring program called TSWatcher. More details can be found here
    • Std/Pro: Added an option to the -R switch (-Rt) to tell TSReader to split files in the number of seconds specified rather than the number of MB
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Added support for monitoring DVB System Information PID rates
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Added support for importing DVB-T/T2 and 8VSB multiplex lists
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Added option to write alarms to a plain text file in the TSReader/TSWatcherLogs folder
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Added alarm for a particular PID falling below a specified data rate
    • Pro: TSWatcher: All alarm values can now be changed
    • Pro: Added a forwarder module for TCP
    • Std/Pro: An H.265 thumbnail decoder is now included with TSReader
    • Pro: Added display of closed captions carried in H.265 video
    • Pro: ccextract program also supports H.265 video
    • All: UDP/RTP/HRTP source modules now show the source address of the stream
    • All: Added support for SAT>IP DVB-C interfaces
    • Pro: TSWatcher: Add alarm for checking the presence of listed PIDs
    • Pro: Updated the ITW-9500 (DVB-T modulator) forwarder module to support more than one of these modulators at a time using different TSReader Profiles
    • Pro: Added the ability to ignore SCTE-35 NULL CUE messages. This is toggled by right-clicking on any CUE elementary stream in the tree view. This does not affect logging of CUE messages - just their display
    • All: Added support for Silicon Dust HDHomeRun ISDB-Tb models
    • Pro: Changed the behavior of the Control Server's FORWARD ON command so that if a forwarder module has a setup dialog, this dialog is not displayed. This means before using this command, the forwarder must be run manually to set the parameters
    • Pro: Updated the ITW-9500 code to use the latest manufacturer API
    • Pro: Adds logging support for the upcoming TSBitCounter program
    • Pro: Added LOG command to the control server. Sub-commands are TSBitCounter or SCTE35. TSBitCounter is then followed by either ON or OFF and SCTE35 is followed by either the file name to log to or OFF to disable
    • Pro: Added support for the ITW-9517 low-cost ISDB-T modulator
    • All: Added support for SMPTE 2022-4 to the RTP source modules. TSReader does not process any FEC included but it does handle the extra SMPTE 2022-4 data added to the MPEG-2 payload part of the RTP packets. If the sender is using the SMPTE 2022-4 packet counter mode, TSReader will re-generate the NULL packets discarded by the sender
    • Pro: RTP and RTP with SMPTE 2022-4 modes added to the UDP mux forwarder
    • All: Depreciated the D-VHS, Roku HD-1000 and XNS playback modules. These technologies and devices are all obsolete
    • Lite: TSReader's window is now resizable
    • Std: The thumbnail processor now runs multiple streams in parallel - this will make thumbnail decoding much faster on multiple program transport streams
    • Pro: A one time per profile warning is now shown if the parallel thumbnail thread count is lower than recommended and can automatically fix this. Like the Standard version this speeds up thumbnail generation but is even faster in Pro
Version 2.8 build 48b
  • Release Date: Apr 15, 2017
  • Known issues
    • Captions from H.264 streams are not saved correctly in archive mode
    • Captions carried in SCTE-20 format and written in the archive mode will sometimes be jibberish

    Changed in 2.8, build 48b:
    • All: The easy reader and widescreen flags in the ATSC caption descriptor are now displayed
    • Std/Pro: Fixed an issue with XML and XMLTV export where the wrong options were displayed when choosing the output file
    • Std/Pro: The SAT>IP source module now supports the tuner address and number on the command line in the format [tuner-address:tuner-number]
    • Std/Pro: Added the DVB EPG category to XMLTV exports
    • All: The HTTP source module now understands .m3u files without the need for them to be described by an HTML 5 <video> tag.
    • All: HLS/MPEG-DASH live streams are now supported by the HTTP source module
    • Pro: The ccextract command-line utility now processes captions from H.264 video
    • Pro: XML export now includes SCTE 35 cue messages in raw hex format
    • Pro: The Stream Monitor window is now bigger so the entire alarm text gets displayed
    • Pro: Added a button to copy all the Stream Monitor alarm text to the clipboard
    • Pro: Added a function to the Stream Monitor to generate an alarm if a certain PID's bitrate drops below a certain level. This level can be set by clicking the Settings button in the Stream Monitor window
    • Std/Pro: Added the ability to save MPE IP data not carrying UDP or TCP traffic
    • Pro: Added the ability to log all SCTE-35 messages into a comma separated file
    • Pro: Fixed an issue where H.264 captions would sometimes be gibberish if B slices were present - fix applies to both TSReader and the ccextract command-line program
Version 2.8 build 48a
  • Release Date: Feb 10, 2017
  • Known issues
    • Captions from H.264 streams are not saved correctly in archive mode
    • Captions carried in SCTE-20 format and written in the archive mode will sometimes be jibberish
    • The HTTP source runs at the rate the server will dole out data and not at the mux speed
    Changed in 2.8, build 48a:
    • All: Added support for the Blonder Tongue MTSA device. This supports 8VSB, QAM-B, ASI and SMPTE-310M inputs and ASI & SMPTE-310M output in TSReader Pro
    • All: Display of the SDT version number
    • All: Fixed the Sencore/Dektec DTU-236 source module to correctly detect front-end lock and switch cleanly between RF & ASI inputs
    • All: Fixed missed DiSEqC commands on some TBS DVB-S/S2 satellite cards
    • Pro: Added the ability to record 10 second files in the archive function.
    • All: Updated to Alitronika's latest API
    • Pro: Fixed an issue with exporting CUE messages to XML
    • All: Added decoding of the resolution of H.265 video streams
    • All: Added chroma and luma bit depth for H.265 video. Anything above 9 bits is considered HDR
    • All: Added support for the TBS 5927 tuner
    • All: Fixed an issue where right clicking a DVB NIT and selecting "Tune to this mux" would fail on TBS DVB-S2 cards
    • Std/Pro: Fixed an issue with the -I switch not working on DSS muxes and dropping source module parameters
    • All: Improved the reliability of the H.264 thumbnail decoder
    • Std/Pro: Fixed a crash on XML export when hundreds of programs are defined in the PAT
    • All: Added support for SAT>IP tuners
Version 2.8 Build 46g
  • Release Date: Apr 29, 2010
  • All: Fixed a problem with DiSEqC switch commands on Tevii interfaces.
  • All: Hidden registry DWORD value: ForceH264ProgramNumber - forces the specified program to use H.264 for video. This allows TSReader to operate correctly with the ITV HD channel on Astra 2 which advertises itself as H.263.
  • All: Fixed a problem there an empty PAT would show a single program.
  • Std/Pro: Fixed an issue with the control server GRAPH SEND function if a graph hasn't been saved manually.
  • Pro: Improvements to the PID filtering in the UDP forwarder.
  • Std/Pro: Fixed a crash when processing some MPEG-4 audio.
  • All: Fixes for more than 64 muxes in ATSC/QAM networks.
  • Pro: Added support for forwarding to Alitronika DTA-2145 devices.
  • Std/Pro: The -y switch now accepts a negative value for the timeout which causes an export after the specified number of seconds regardless of table processing.
  • Std/Pro: The control server now sends the correct response code for the SOURCE command.
  • Std/Pro: NIT tables up to 4096 bytes can now be processed.
  • Std/Pro: The -I switch now accepts a + sign in the front of the first " character around the PID numbers. If the + sign is there, the quoted text becomes the name of a PDL file which specifies the PIDs to record.
  • All: Initial support for the SCTE 65 system used in cable systems in the Americas.
  • Pro: Added decoding of SCTE 35 CUE messages including XML export support.
  • Pro: UDP forwarder can now forward just the PIDs specified.
  • All: Added an option to allow the PC to go into sleep mode when TSReader is running. This may cause lots of problems with various source modules/drivers so please use with care.
  • All: Fixed a bug with HDHomeRun sources where if the frequency was on the command line one might not see the tuner selection dialog.
  • Pro: Added the -g switch which allows TSReader to run from a memory stick and keeps the profiles as files on the memory stick.
  • All: Added support for the latest Alitronika AT40X devices.
  • All: Added support for DVB-S BDA interfaces. This is the standard XP implementation so no DiSEqC control nor DVB-S2 is possible, however, we will be adding support for the Windows 7 enhancements which will resolve this.
  • All: Fixed detection of ATSC/SCTE tables when the base PID for these systems is used for other purposes.
  • Pro: UDP Forwarder window is now minimized when TSReader is started minimized.
  • All: TSReader now warns if it is unable to write to a recording file (for example if out of disk space or a removable drive is disconnected).
  • All: Added an option to always select all audio streams when the record program function is used.
Version 2.8 Build 46f
  • Release Date: May 2, 2009
  • All: We've decided to remove passwords from the setup utility for TSReader.
  • All: Ctrl+N now launches VLC configuration #1 and Ctrl+Shift+N launches VLC configuration #2. These can be used to toggle playback on and off.
  • All: HDHomeRun source now retunes if the symbol quality goes to zero. This corrects an issue when the HDHR is tuned for many days on the same mux and then starts sending junk.
  • All: Fixed the 100% CPU usage issue on Twinhan cards when TSReader attempts to retune after lock is lost. Thanks to Greg Farris for the fix.
  • All: Updated Hauppauge source modules with various fixes.
  • Pro: When a new profile is created using the Profile Browser, there is now an option to set the device number when a multicard device is selected.
  • All: Fixed a bug with the SDT item count shown in the treeview.
  • All: Much improved support for ISDB networks. This is still in progress in this prerelease.
  • Pro: More improvements to archiving mode stability.
  • All: Support for the 0.9 versions of VLC.
  • Pro: There is now a check for duplicate channel names when starting the archiver. This would prevent the duplicate channel from being recorded.
  • Std/Pro: HTML export now includes the PCR PID.
  • Pro: The Caption logger (accessed via the L key when the CC display is active) can now log the PTS/DTS stamps.
  • Std/Pro: The control server now has two new options for the GRAPH command: SAVE to write a PNG file of the graph and SEND to send that same PNG over the socket connection. More details are in the control server docs.
  • All: Fixed an issue with descriptor decoding on virtual channels.
  • Pro: Fixed a bug where erroneous descriptors might be seen in the PMT list displayed in View/Descriptor Usage.
  • All: These are still in development for this release: DVB-C BDA support, the file source will support PCAP files, PID waterfall chart.
  • All: Added an option to the file loop source to mask CC errors when the file wraps around.
  • Pro: The profile browser can now remember the command-line parameters on a profile by profile basis.
  • Pro: Added the XMLTV command to the control server.
  • All: The program usage stacked bar chart has been re-arranged to show the CBR streams like audio, teletext and other ancilliary data before the video This makes the chart much easier to see when running in real-time mode.
  • All: Corrected a problem with erroneous characters getting into the EPG data on some satellite services.
  • Standard/Pro: Null PIDs can now be recorded.
  • All: Added support for the Linear Systems ATSC Master range of PCI cards that use the SMTPE-310M protocol.
  • All: There's now a thumbnail option to place the ES PID onto the thumbnail.
  • Pro: Fixes for the SMTP client to correctly start communiucations with servers that are not using SMTP authentication.
  • Pro: Archive mode rate charts don't eventually end up as very small lines over long periods of time.
  • Pro: Archive mode now has an option to hide the main TSReader window. When this is activated, the vital stream statistics like CC/TEI error counts and so on are displayed at the top of the archiver status window.
  • Pro: When setting the address of the SMTP server used by TSReader, you can now specify a non-standard port by adding the port number after a colon.
  • Pro: Fixed an issue with the -c switch being ignored because of the -L switch.
  • Std/Pro: Null PIDs can be recorded
  • All: Added a new source module for Linear Systems SMPTE310M cards.
  • All: Option to show the ES PID on thumbnails
  • Pro: The internal email client used by the stream monitor and archiving functions now correctly communicates with both open and password protected SMTP servers.
  • All: Added support for the European version of the HDHomeRun which works with DVB-T and DVB-C tuners.
Version 2.8 Build 46a
  • Release Date: Oct 26, 2007
  • Fixed a bug with the TechnoTrend DVB-S2 USB2 interface that created a c:\tsreader.ts recording every time the source module is used.
  • Fixed an issue with all most Hauppauge source modules not working with 2.8.46 and added support for more Hauppauge interfaces and generic QAM-B cards.
  • Removed the FutureTel source module. It was causing too many missing DLL errors and the DLLs required to fix this are quite large. The support package to make this PCI encoder work with TSReader are available as a free download at
  • The "Check for New Version" function is now available in TSReader Lite.
  • Some corrections to the ATSC TSID tables.
  • Fixes for the HDHomeRun operating on HRC cable networks.
  • The IGMPv3 joins in the UDP Multicast source can now be specified from the command-line. For example " 1234@" would send the IGMPv3 join message to for stream port 1234.
Version 2.8 Build 46
  • Release Date: Oct 17, 2007
  • Multiple device support for Alitronika products.
  • Fixed a problem with retuning on TechnoTrend DVB-S2 cards.
  • Fixed a lockup that occured when a program is selected, plugins are loaded and no CAT is present in the mux yet there are CA descriptors in the PMT.
  • File source now has the ability to shutdown TSReader when the end-of-file is reached.
  • Fixes for the TechnoTrend Budget series PCI cards to better support CI-CAMs.
  • Fixed an occasional crash that occurred on some IP/DVB streams.
Version 2.7 Build 45f
  • Release Date: Apr 13, 2007
  • Fixed a bug in the IP parser where more than one MPE packet in a section would be ignored.
  • Updates to some of the Hauppauge source modules to support Windows Vista.
  • On ATSC networks, Cable VCTs with major/minor channel numbers of zero are now displayed.
  • Hauppauge HVR-950 source module now works correctly on Windows Vista.
  • Null length PMT ES lists no longer cause a false ES entry to be displayed in TSReader.
  • Added support for the Dektec 2145 PCI Express adapter.
Version 2.7 Build 45d
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2006
  • Updated the RF Central RFX-MDR source module to allow operation with a wider range of encoders.
  • Added decoding of the Channel Extended Text Table in ATSC networks. The resulting text is shown by selecting the TVCT in the tree-view.
  • Added support for the HDHomeRun Ethernet 8VSB/QAM tuner.
  • Minor fixes to the EPG Grid when a very large monitor is used.
Version 2.7 Build 45c
  • Release Date: Nov 22, 2006
  • Added support for the newer DVBWorld DVB-S/DSS tuner which uses a 9 volt power supply rather than a 5 volt supply on the older model.
  • Updated all the Hauppauge source modules and added support for the HVR-950 ATSC stick tuner.
  • For plugin users, if TSReader sees a PMT version change and that PMT is for the currently selected program, TSReader will send any plugins a channel change message to inform them the PMT changed.
  • Update all the Alitronika devices to use their latest API.
  • Fixed a bug where the USER icon would show up on all MPEG-2 thumbnails even if the video stream wasn't carrying user data.
Version 2.7 Build 45b
  • Release Date: Oct 31, 2006
  • Fixed a crash with DCII muxes with very long service names.
  • Added support for the Nextorm DVB-S2101 USB interface. This is the "new" DVBWorld DVB-S/DSS tuner - looks identical to the DVBWorld tuner but needs a different source module because of differences in the hardware. If you can't get the DVBWorld source module to lock, try using this one instead.
  • Added a source module to read from HTTP servers. Currently there's no rate control so it should only be used with "live" HTTP servers like VLC's.
  • The UDP Multicast sources now support IGMP v3 add/drop membership messages on XP and above. To use IGMPv3, specify the multicast source in dotted notation, @-sign, and then the multicast address. For example
  • Added support for DVB-S2 TechnoTrend Budget cards and USB2 interfaces. You must use the TechnoTrend standard drivers and not their BDA drivers.
  • Improvements to the DVB-T BDA source module.
  • Added three new bandplans for DVB-T scanning. These run from 118-858 MHz stepping at 1 MHz either as 7, 8 or 7/8 MHz bandwidth. Scanning this way will take a long time but will find carriers not adering to any particular real bandplan.

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