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SmoothVideo Project

SmoothVideo Project is a video player that adds frame interpolation to video playback on your PC, thus giving you a smoother playback
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OS Support: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
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Download: svp4-online.exe   svp4-online.exe

Description:Download SmoothVideo Project Full
Version: (added Mar 30, 2019 - view changelog)
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How It Works
How It Works


SmoothVideo Project (SVP) is a series of filters and plug-ins that that adds frame interpolation to video playback on your PC, with the aim of providing a much smoother playback.

SVP supports GPU acceleration to support the playback of 1080p video using only a mid-range CPU, for almost any type of GPU architecture.

3D video is supported as well.

The Full version includes all the necessary filters and plug-ins to enable smooth video playback, including the MPC-HC player. A Core (previously known as "Lite") version is available that only includes the SVP Manager and core plugins.


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OS Compatibility:

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Revision History:

  • Release Date: Mar 30, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • Manager - - 2019-03-29
    + Windows: preliminary support for full HW acceleration via NVIDIA Optical Flow (Turing GPUs only!)
    + "Adaptive pattern" video profile option
    + Windows: auto-restart Manager when switching display scaling (fixes fonts and UI scaling)
    + search in "All settings" window
    = updated to Qt 5.12.2

    SVPflow - - 2019-03-29
    + Windows: support for MVs calculation via NVIDIA Optical Flow API

    Tube extension - - 2019-03-29
    = filtering of hardsub streams

    Tube extension - - 2019-03-01
    = fixed not respected User-Agent string -> fixes Crunchyroll

    SVPflow - - 2019-02-12
    = Vapoursynth: fixed wrong frame timestamps in some cases leading to audio de-sync

    Code extension - - 2019-02-08
    + can set FFmpeg video filters in Expert mode
    + when transcoding an active video, also import additional settings, including detected black fields and manual cropping
    = may fix DAR value for a non-square pixels videos
    = removed double-dot from the resulting file name

    Tube extension - - 2019-02-05
    = may fix partiall missing sound when downloading from Youtube
    = Crunchyroll: filtering of hardsub streams (again)
    = Bilibili: don't filter streams (there's nothing to filter)

    Light extension - - 2018-12-27
    = Prismatik: fixed remote API authentication error
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