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Version 0.75.1
  • Release Date: Jun 21, 2021
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - Changed: AV1 files with no extradata will now generate a format header with stream information for decoders to use
    - Fixed: Improved stream selection when multiple "default" video tracks are present

    LAV Video
    - Changed: Updated dav1d for significant improvements in AV1 10-bit decoding performance
    - Changed: AV1 hardware decoding will more reliably engage when provided with additional stream information from the demuxer

    LAV Audio
    - Fixed: Opus decoding had audible artifacts in some files in 0.75
Version 0.75
  • Release Date: Mar 31, 2021
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  • LAV Splitter
    - NEW: Support for DASH streaming
    - NEW: WebVTT support in Matroska/WebM
    - Changed: Improved Font support from Matroska files
    - Fixed: Large queue size limits could result in the wrong limit being applied
    - Fixed: Resolved a memory leak in Matroska demuxing
    - Fixed: Avoid selecting a stream with only a single video frame in MP4 files, which is often a cover art
    - Fixed: Seeking in Matroska files with only audio cue points did not function
    - Fixed: Seeking to the beginning of certain HLS streams did not work properly
    - Fixed: Duration information in Matroska files is more reliable

    LAV Video
    - NEW: AV1 DXVA2/D3D11 hardware decoding support
    - NEW: ProRes 4444 XQ support
    - Faster: Updated dav1d decoder and improved thread configuration for significantly improved AV1 decoding speed
    - Fixed: Added a workaround for VP9 hardware decoding on AMD video cards
    - Fixed: H.264 streams exceeding the Level 5.1 DPB limit will no longer be hardware decoded
    - Fixed: Improved handling of missing reference frames in H.264 streams with hardware decoding
    - Fixed: HEVC streams encoding 8-bit video in a Main10 profile can be properly hardware decoded
    - Deprecated: NVIDIA CUVID and Intel QuickSync have been deprecated for future removal/replacement

    LAV Audio
    - Fixed: Resolved an issue with glitching TrueHD bitstreaming on seamless-branching titles
    - Fixed: Resolved a compatibility issue with some playback applications
    - Deprecated: Support for the binary DTS decoder (dtsdecoderdll.dll) has been deprecated for future removal
Version 0.74.1
  • Release Date: Mar 20, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Video
    - Fixed: VP9 video could produce wrong timestamps, resulting in a black screen or other playback disruptions
    - Fixed: Decoding VP9 from a non-keyframe (ie. after a seek, or badly cut file) would not always recover properly once a keyframe was encountered
Version 0.74
  • Release Date: Mar 17, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - Changed: Using GnuTLS for HTTPS and other TLS protocols, improving performance and compatibility with a lot of web streaming services (ie. YouTube Live Streams through youtube-dl, and more)
    - Fixed: Keyframes in MP4 files were being reported with a slightly offset timestamp, resulting in slow keyframe seeking
    - Fixed: Subtitles that stretch over chapter boundaries could be lost in Ordered Chapter MKV files
    - Fixed: Fonts embedded in MKVs without a proper mimetype were not being imported (now it checks the file extensions for .ttf/.otf as well)

    LAV Video
    - NEW: Initial support for parsing HDR10+ (SMPTE ST 2094-40) metadata, and passing it to the video renderer
    - NEW: Using the dav1d AV1 decoder for significantly improved AV1 decoding performance
    - Changed: Re-enabled experimental hardware acceleration for H.264 MVC 3D decoding on Intel GPUs, disabled by default
    - Changed: Updated Intel MediaSDK dispatchers to the latest Media SDK, fixing compatibility with newer runtimes in the Intel DCH drivers
    - Changed: Improved support for additional UtVideo subtypes

    LAV Audio
    - Changed: Added an option to disable the PCM fallback when bitstreaming is requested
    - Fixed: Further improvements to TrueHD Bitstreaming, resolving glitching on more new titles (particularly seamless branching titles)
    - Fixed: Automatic fallback from bitstreaming to PCM could crash in some situations
Version 0.73.1 Version 0.73
  • Release Date: Oct 6, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - Changed: Export the description of cover art and attachments for use by players
    - Fixed: Properly marked the packet allocator as providing read-only packets, to avoid crashes with in-place transform filters

    LAV Video
    - NEW: Support for AV1 decoding using libaom
    - Changed: Enabled VP9 hardware acceleration by default
    - Fixed: The aspect ratio of certain WMV/VC-1 files was not being properly respected in the WMV9 MFT decoder
Version 0.72
  • Release Date: Jun 20, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Video
    - Changed: Enabled CineformHD decoding by default, since the decoder has much improved
    - Fixed: Decoding Matroska files with Linked Segments which used old x264 4:4:4 encodes could result in corruption

    LAV Audio
    - NEW: Blu-ray Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 decoding and bitstreaming support
    - NEW: LAV Audio will fallback to audio decoding if bitstreaming is not supported by the audio renderer/hardware
    - Fixed: DTS-HD HRA bitstreaming did not work properly with many A/V receivers
    - Fixed: TrueHD bitstreaming could result in drop-outs on high bitrate TrueHD+Atmos streams
Version 0.71
  • Release Date: Feb 16, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • General
    - LAV Filters now requires Windows Vista or newer, Windows XP is no longer supported

    LAV Splitter
    - NEW: Preliminary support for UHD Blu-ray parsing

    LAV Video
    - NEW: D3D11 hardware accelerated decoding (native mode with madVR, Copy-Back otherwise)
    - Fixed: HDR metadata was not properly communicated to madVR in DXVA2-Native mode
    - Fixed: Anamorphic WMV9/VC-1 videos were not being played back with the correct aspect ratio in all cases
    - Fixed: Changing certain settings while playback was paused could result in a deadlock
    - Fixed: Playing severly corrupted HEVC streams with hardware decoding could result in playback failing entirely, instead of skipping over the corruption

    LAV Audio
    - NEW: Basic support for AAC 960 streams (common in DVB radio streams)
Version 0.70.2
  • Release Date: Jul 6, 2017
  • LAV Video
    - Fixed: DXVA2 decoding could fail in 0.70 after a dynamic media type change
Version 0.70.1
  • Release Date: Jul 2, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Video
    - NEW: DXVA2-CopyBack uses D3D9Ex to allow headless operation
    - Changed: Increased the maximum number of decode threads to 32
    - Changed: Rebalanced the "Auto" thread strategy to use the exact number of available CPU cores, instead of 1.5x the cores
    - Fixed: Certain H264 streams could crash in 0.70 due to lack of buffer padding
Version 0.70
  • Release Date: Jun 16, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • General
    - Official LAV Filters builds require a SSE2 capable CPU

    LAV Splitter
    - Fixed: Certain MP4/MOV files didn't play or seek correctly in recent versions of LAV Splitter
    - Fixed: HEVC in MP4 without PTS timestamp is being signaled appropriately
    - Fixed: Closing RTSP streams did not properly call the TEARDOWN function

    LAV Video
    - NEW: CUVID support for VP9 8/10-bit and HEVC 10/12-bit decoding
    - NEW: DXVA2 support for VP9 10-bit decoding
    - Changed: Simplified the internal dataflow to reduce overhead and improve performance
    - Changed: Enabled P010 output to EVR on Windows 10 Creators Update
    - Fixed: Y416 output was incorrect (required by madVR 0.91.8 and newer)
    - Fixed: Parsing H.264 MVC SEI NALs could fail in some cases
    - Fixed: CUVID decoding could deinterlace progressive streams under certain circumstances, degrading the quality

    LAV Audio
    - Fixed: LATM AAC streams with Program Config Elements (PCE) (common in DVB-T2 broadcast) played with audible distortions
    - Fixed: Very short PCM audio streams didn't play properly
Version 0.69
  • Release Date: Dec 12, 2016
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - NEW: Support for extracting HDR metadata from YouTube HDR VP9 streams
    - Fixed: Reading MKV files could crash when encountering tags for unknown or disabled streams

    LAV Video
    - NEW: Support for 10-bit UtVideo
    - NEW: MagicYUV decoding support
    - NEW: Experimental support for CineformHD decoding
    - Fixed: Converting 12-bit 4:4:4 YCbCr to RGB32 would result in a garbled image
    - Fixed: Decoding certain H.264 streams could drop a few frames at the start of playback

    LAV Audio
    - NEW: DTS Express (LBR) decoding support
Version 0.68.1
  • Release Date: May 5, 2016
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - NEW: Support for reading metadata tags from MKV files (including the "3d-plane" MVC 3D tag from MakeMKV 1.9.10 and newer)
    - Fixed: Improved handling of QuickTime codecs in MKV files
    - Fixed: S302M audio streams with non-pcm content did not work anymore (requires an external decoder)

    LAV Video
    - Changed: Flags for BT.2020 are exported in DXVA2_ExtendedFormat (previously only reported to madVR, since the Windows SDK did not specify them)
    - Changed: Prevent connections to the "AVI Decompressor" filter which could result in a broken image or crashes otherwise
    - Fixed: Some progressive files could report the wrong FPS when software deinterlacing was turned on
    - Fixed: MPEG-2 streams using "intra refresh" did not decode properly

    LAV Audio
    - Fixed: Decoding MPEG Audio streams from the Microsoft MPEG-1 Splitter could result in playback starting with an audible glitch
Version 0.68
  • Release Date: Mar 9, 2016
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - NEW: H.264 MVC 3D demuxing from MKV 3D, Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray SSIF files
    - Fixed: The bitdepth of DTS-HD MA streams is reported properly in the stream information

    LAV Video
    - NEW: H.264 MVC 3D decoding (requires madVR 0.90 or newer)
    - NEW: HEVC HDR streams export the HDR metadata to the video renderer (requires madVR 0.89.18 or newer)
    - NEW: VP9 DXVA2 Hardware Acceleration
    - NEW: Weston Three Field Deinterlacing filter (w3fdif)
    - NEW: Ability to choose which GPU is used for DXVA2-CopyBack decoding
    - Changed: Removed the CUVID HQ processing option, it is now automatically used when appropriate
    - Fixed: CUVID would crash when playing certain HEVC files
    - Fixed: Some pixel format conversions were much slower than expected
    - Fixed: Pixel Format changes mid-stream were not re-negotiated with the renderer in all cases
    - Fixed: Changes in the framerate due to software deinterlacing are properly reflected in the media type

    LAV Audio
    - Fixed: Increased PCM buffering to avoid stuttering with TrueHD on some audio devices
Version 0.67
  • Release Date: Nov 16, 2015
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - NEW: Support for HTTPS URLs
    - NEW: Automatic selection of the highest quality variant in HLS streams
    - Changed: Reverted back to the old ASF demuxer
    - Changed: Backported ASF seeking improvements to the old ASF demuxer
    - Fixed: ASS in AVI did not work in recent versions
    - Fixed: RTP/RTSP did not work properly in 0.66

    LAV Video
    - NEW: Improved DVD subtitle and menu drawing with madVR (support for madVRs subtitle repositioning and lower latency)
    - Changed: HEVC and 4K HWAccel is enabled by default
    - Changed: Enabled DXVA2-CB Direct Mode with YV12 output on 8-bit sources
    - Fixed: DVD menus could show a black screen instead of the menu in some situations

    LAV Audio
    - Fixed: Improved clipping behavior in badly mastered DTS-HD tracks
Version 0.66
  • Release Date: Sep 22, 2015
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - NEW: Added options to increase the queue size for increased buffering
    - Changed: Switched ASF/WMV demuxing to a new demuxer from Libav
    - Fixed: Improved seeking with MPEG-TS files which contain teletext streams

    LAV Video
    - NEW: Support for DXVA2-Native decoding of HEVC 10-bit with EVR on supported GPUs
    - Changed: 4K Video Decoding on AMD graphics card is now enabled (needs recent drivers to work properly)
    - Changed: DXVA2-CB decoding uses less memory on NVIDIA graphics cards
    - Fixed: H264 DXVA2 decoding failed when no SPS/PPS was available in the media type
    - Fixed: Conversion of RGB48 to RGB32/24 did not properly use dithering
    - Fixed: Improved handling of a few DVD menu quirks
    - Fixed: Decoding 10-bit video with EVR could result in a black screen

    LAV Audio
    - Changed: 5.1 audio favors the "Side" 5.1 layout, which conforms to modern surround standards
Version 0.65
  • Release Date: Apr 22, 2015
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - NEW: Support for MKV subtitle Cues to show subtitles immediately after a seek
    - NEW: Attachments and embedded cover art images are exported through the IDSMResourceBag interface
    - Fixed: Improved demuxing of HEVC in MPEG-TS and increased the reliability of the SPS/PPS/VPS extraction
    - Fixed: Demuxing Blu-rays/MPEG-TS where the first stream was not a video stream could result in broken timestamps
    - Fixed: Seeking in MKVs which are currently being written is more reliable

    LAV Video
    - Fixed: Improved HEVC DXVA2 decoding on a few samples
    - Fixed: Playback of VFR MPEG-4 in AVI had wrong timestamps in 0.64
    - Fixed: Improved handling of DVD subtitles without timestamps

    LAV Audio:
    - NEW: Native DTS-HD decoding using libdcadec
    - Changed: 5.1 audio prefers the speaker mask with side channels, to match recent specifications
Version 0.64
  • Release Date: Feb 13, 2015
  • Download(s):
  • General
    - NEW: Individual LAV Filters can now be blacklisted through the registry by creating a key with the executable name in HKCU\Software\LAV\<Filter>\Blacklist

    LAV Splitter
    - NEW: Support for RTMP using rtmpdump-style parameter syntax
    - NEW: Support for Opus-in-TS
    - Fixed: The language reported for audio/subtitle streams on some Blu-rays could be wrong

    LAV Video
    - NEW: HEVC Main10 decoding in DXVA2 Copy-Back mode
    - Faster: DXVA2 Copy-Back in direct output mode uses up to 50% less CPU and performance is improved accordingly
    - Fixed: H.264 streams with only DTS timestamps would play out of sync with DXVA2
    - Fixed: DXVA2 could crash on some MPEG-2 streams
    - Fixed: Improved compatibility with a few HEVC streams when using DXVA2
Version 0.63
  • Release Date: Oct 3, 2014
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - NEW: Support for playing AES encrypted HLS streams
    - NEW: Advanced Subtitle selection allows selecting subtitles by a string match on the stream title
    - NEW: Support for rtspu, rtspm, rtspt and rtsph URLs to force the RTSP transport protocol
    - NEW: Animated GIF image support
    - Fixed: Improved timestamp handling of badly muxed/corrupted H.264 streams
    - Fixed: 4K ProRes streams in MKV didn't play reliably
    - Fixed: Some HEVC streams in MKV/MP4 didn't play properly
    - Fixed: VobSubs in MP4 didn't properly export their color palette
    - Fixed: Streaming MP3s through the Microsoft URL filter could result in the last audio frame to be partially repeated
    - Fixed: The duration of MP3 files would be wrong if it contained long IDv3 tags
    - Fixed: TrueHD streams with an Dolby Atmos sub-stream were not demuxed properly

    LAV Video
    - NEW: Experimental support for CUVID and DXVA2 HEVC acceleration
    - Faster: HEVC decoding is up to 100% faster
    - Fixed: DVD subtitle rendering could crash in 64-bit builds

    LAV Audio
    - Fixed: TrueHD streams with an Dolby Atmos sub-stream did not decode
Version 0.62
  • Release Date: Jun 13, 2014
  • Download(s):
  • LAV Splitter
    - Fixed: The filtered Forced Subtitles stream did not properly send all related subtitle data in some cases

    LAV Video
    - NEW: Implemented a WMV9 MFT decoder to replace the old DMO decoder for VC-1/WMV3 on Windows 7 and above
    - NEW: Support for VP7 video
    - Fixed: Multi-threaded video decoding could result in a handle leak on some systems
    - Fixed: Video processing was slow on Windows XP due to inefficient memcpy use
    - Fixed: DVD subtitles could overlap on some discs

    LAV Audio
    - Fixed: Dynamic format switching to an audio stream with a different sample rate did not work in some cases

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