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This is the version history page for Kdenlive, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here.


Version 19.08.1
  • Release Date: Sep 9, 2019
    • Fix disabling clip only disable audio part of an AV clip. Commit. Fixes bug #411466
    • Fix regression breaking timeline resize. Commit.
    • Fix timelinekeyboard focus on start and grab not correctly ended. Commit.
    • Default effects to video. Commit.
    • Fix disabling autoscroll. Commit.
    • Convert old custom effects to new customAudio/Video naming. Commit.
    • Fix group move sometimes moving clip very far from expected location. Commit.
    • Ctrl resize in monitor effects keeps center position. Commit.
    • Shift resize in monitor effect keeps aspect ratio. Commit.
    • Update appdata version. Commit.
    • Fix effect/composition list filter working on untranslated strings. Commit.
    • Fix custom effects not recognized as audio. Commit.
    • Fix encoder speed ignored. Commit. Fixes bug #411000
    • Late update of version in appdata.. Commit.
    • Use the parameter readable and translatable name instead of its formal name for the color edit widget. Commit.
Version 19.08
  • Release Date: Aug 20, 2019
  • Kdenlive 19.08 released
    by farid a. | Aug 16, 2019 | News, Releases | 0 comments

    After a well deserved summer break, the Kdenlive community is happy to announce the first major release after the code refactoring. This version comes with a big amount of fixes and nifty new features which will lay the groundwork for the 3 point editing system planned for this cycle. The Project Bin received improvements to the icon view mode and new features were added like the ability to seek while hovering over clips with the mouse cursor and now it is possible to add a whole folder hierarchy. On the usability front the a menu option was added to reset the Kdenlive config file and now you can search for effects from all tabs instead of only the selected tab. Head to our download page for AppImage and Windows packages.

    3 point editing with keyboard shortcuts

    With 19.08.0 we added groundwork for full editing with keyboard shortcuts. This will speed up the edit work and you can do editing steps which are not possible or not as quick and easy with the mouse. Working with keyboard shortcuts in 19.08 is different as in the former Kdenlive versions. Mouse operations have not changed and working as before.

    3 important points to understand the new concept:

    Source (left image):
    On the left of the track head the green vertical lines (V1 or A2). The green line is connected to the source clip in the project bin. Only when a clip is selected in the project bin the green line show up depending of the type of the clip (A/V clip, picture/title/color clip, audio clip).

    Target (right image):
    In the track head the target V1 or A1 is active when it’s yellow. An active target track react to edit operations like insert a clip even if the source is not active (see “Example of advanced edit” here).

    The concept is like thinking of connectors:
    Connect the source (the clip in the project bin) to a target (a track in the timeline). Only when both connectors on the same track are switched on the clip “flow” from the project bin to the timeline. Be aware: Active target tracks without connected source react on edit operations.

    You can find a more detailed introduction in our Toolbox section here.

    Adjust AV clips independently with Shift + resize to resize only audio or video part of a clip. Meta + Move in timeline allows to move the audio or video part to another track independently.

    Press shift while hovering over clips in the Project Bin to seek through them.

    Adjust the speed of a clip by pressing CTRL + dragging a clip in the timeline.

    Now you can choose the number of channels and sample rates in the audio capture settings.

    Other features

    Added a parameter for steps that allows users to control the separation between keyframes generated by the motion tracker.
    Re-enable transcode clip functionality.
    Added a screen selection in the screen grab widget.
    Add option to sort audio tracks in reverse order.
    Default fade duration is now configurable from Kdenlive Settings > Misc.
    Render dialog: add context menu to rendered jobs allowing to add rendered file as a project clip.
    Renderwidget: Use max number of threads in render.
    More UI components are translatable.

    Full list of commits

    Do not setToolTip() for the same tooltip twice. Commit.
    Use translations for asset names in the Undo History. Commit.
    Fix dropping clip in insert/overwrite mode. Commit.
    Fix timeline drag in overwrite/edit mode. Commit.
    Fix freeze deleting a group with clips on locked tracks. Commit.
    Use the translated effect names for effect stack on the timeline. Commit.
    Fix crash dragging clip in insert mode. Commit.
    Use the translated transition names in the ‘Properties’ header. Commit.
    Fix freeze and fade ins allowed to go past last frame. Commit.
    Fix revert clip speed failing. Commit.
    Fix revert speed clip reloading incorrectly. Commit.
    Fix copy/paste of clip with negative speed. Commit.
    Fix issues on clip reload: slideshow clips broken and title duration reset. Commit.
    Fix slideshow effects disappearing. Commit.
    Fix track effect keyframes. Commit.
    Fix track effects don’t invalidate timeline preview. Commit.
    Fix effect presets broken on comma locales, clear preset after resetting effect. Commit.
    Fix crash in extract zone when no track is active. Commit.
    Fix reverting clip speed modifies in/out. Commit.
    Fix audio overlay showing up randomly. Commit.
    Fix Find clip in bin not always scrolling to correct position. Commit.
    Fix possible crash changing profile when cache job was running. Commit.
    Fix editing bin clip does not invalidate timeline preview. Commit.
    Fix audiobalance (MLT doesn’t handle start param as stated). Commit.
    Fix target track inconsistencies:. Commit.
    Make the strings in the settings dialog translatable. Commit.
    Make effect names translatable in menus and in settings panel. Commit.
    Remember last target track and restore when another clip is selected. Commit.
    Dont’ process insert when no track active, don’t move cursor if no clip inserted. Commit.
    Correctly place timeline toolbar after editing toolbars. Commit.
    Lift/gamma/gain: make it possible to have finer adjustments with Shift modifier. Commit.
    Fix MLT effects with float param and no xml description. Commit.
    Cleanup timeline selection: rubber select works again when starting over a clip. Commit.
    Attempt to fix Windows build. Commit.
    Various fixes for icon view: Fix long name breaking layout, fix seeking and subclip zone marker. Commit.
    Fix some bugs in handling of NVidia HWaccel for proxies and timeline preview. Commit.
    Add 19.08 screenshot to appdata. Commit.
    Fix bug preventing sequential names when making serveral script renderings from same project. Commit.
    Fix compilation with cmake < 3.5. Commit.
    Fix extract frame retrieving wrong frame when clip fps != project fps. Commit. Fixes bug #409927
    Don’t attempt rendering an empty project. Commit.
    Fix incorrect source frame size for transform effects. Commit.
    Improve subclips visual info (display zone over thumbnail), minor cleanup. Commit.
    Small cleanup of bin preview thumbnails job, automatically fetch 10 thumbs at insert to allow quick preview. Commit.
    Fix project clips have incorrect length after changing project fps. Commit.
    Fix inconsistent behavior of advanced timeline operations. Commit.
    Fix “Find in timeline” option in bin context menu. Commit.
    Support the new logging category directory with KF 5.59+. Commit.
    Update active track description. Commit.
    Use extracted translations to translate asset descriptions. Commit.
    Fix minor typo. Commit.
    Make the file filters to be translatable. Commit.
    Extract messages from transformation XMLs as well. Commit.
    Don’t attempt to create hover preview for non AV clips. Commit.
    Add Cache job for bin clip preview. Commit.
    Preliminary implementation of Bin clip hover seeking (using shift+hover). Commit.
    Translate assets names. Commit.
    Some improvments to timeline tooltips. Commit.
    Reintroduce extract clip zone to cut a clip whithout re-encoding. Commit. See bug #408402
    Fix typo. Commit.
    Add basic collision check to speed resize. Commit.
    Bump MLT dependency to 6.16 for 19.08. Commit.
    Exit grab mode with Escape key. Commit.
    Improve main item when grabbing. Commit.
    Minor improvement to clip grabbing. Commit.
    Fix incorrect development version. Commit.
    Make all clips in selection show grab status. Commit.
    Fix “QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified” warning. Commit.
    Don’t initialize a separate Factory on first start. Commit.
    Set name for track menu button in timeline toolbar. Commit.
    Pressing Shift while moving an AV clip allows to move video part track independently of audio part. Commit.
    Ensure audio encoding do not export video. Commit.
    Add option to sort audio tracks in reverse order. Commit.
    Warn and try fixing clips that are in timeline but not in bin. Commit.
    Try to recover a clip if it’s parent id cannot be found in the project bin (use url). Commit. See bug #403867
    Fix tests. Commit.
    Default fade duration is now configurable from Kdenlive Settings > Misc. Commit.
    Minor update for AppImage dependencies. Commit.
    Change speed clip job: fix overwrite and UI. Commit.
    Readd proper renaming for change speed clip jobs. Commit.
    Add whole hierarchy when adding folder. Commit.
    Fix subclip cannot be renamed. Store them in json and bump document version. Commit.
    Added audio capture channel & sample rate configuration. Commit.
    Add screen selection in screen grab widget. Commit.
    Initial implementation of clip speed change on Ctrl + resize. Commit.
    Fix FreeBSD compilation. Commit.
    Render dialog: add context menu to rendered jobs allowing to add rendered file as a project clip. Commit.
    Ensure automatic compositions are compositing with correct track on project opening. Commit.
    Fix minor typo. Commit.
    Add menu option to reset the Kdenlive config file. Commit.
    Motion tracker: add steps parameter. Patch by Balazs Durakovacs. Commit.
    Try to make binary-factory mingw happy. Commit.
    Remove dead code. Commit.
    Add some missing bits in Appimage build (breeze) and fix some plugins paths. Commit.
    AppImage: disable OpenCV freetype module. Commit.
    Docs: Unbreak menus. Commit.
    Sync Quick Start manual with UserBase. Commit.
    Fix transcoding crashes caused by old code. Commit.
    Reenable trancode clip functionality. Commit.
    Fix broken fadeout. Commit.
    Small collection of minor improvements. Commit.
    Search effects from all tabs instead of only the selected tab. Commit.
    Check whether first project clip matches selected profile by default. Commit.
    Improve marker tests, add abort testing feature. Commit.
    Revert “Trying to submit changes through HTTPS”. Commit.
    AppImafe: define EXT_BUILD_DIR for Opencv contrib. Commit.
    Fix OpenCV build. Commit.
    AppImage update: do not build MLT inside dependencies so we can have more frequent updates. Commit.
    If a timeline operation touches a group and a clip in this group is on a track that should not be affected, break the group. Commit.
    Add tests for unlimited clips resize. Commit.
    Small fix in tests. Commit.
    Renderwidget: Use max number of threads in render. Commit.
    Don’t allow resizing while dragging. Fixes #134. Commit.
    Revert “Revert “Merge branch ‘1904’””. Commit.
    Revert “Merge branch ‘1904’”. Commit.
    Update master appdata version. Commit.
Version 19.04.3
  • Release Date: Jul 24, 2019
  • Kdenlive 19.04.3 is out
    by farid a. | Jul 12, 2019 | News, Releases | 0 comments

    While the team is out for a much deserved summer break the last minor release post-refactoring is out with another huge amount of fixes. The highlights include fixing compositing and speed effect regressions, thumbnail display issues of clips in the timeline and many Windows fixes. With this release we finished polishing the rough edges and now we can focus on adding new features while fixing other small details left. As usual you can get the latest AppImage from our download page.

    Speaking of that, the next major release is less than a month away and it already has some cool new features implemented like changing the speed of a clip by ctrl + resize and pressing shift and hover over a thumb of a clip in the Project Bin to preview it. We’ve also bumped the Qt version to 5.12.4 and updated to the latest MLT. You can grab it from here to test it. Also planned is finishing the 3 point editing workflow and improvements to the speed effect. Stay tuned for more info soon.


    Fix tools cursor when hovering a clip in timeline. Commit.
    Ensure we don’t put a video stream in audio streams in mp3. Commit.
    Fix loading .mlt playlist can corrupt project profile. Commit.
    When opening a project file with missing proxy and clip, don’t remove clips from timeline. Commit.
    Improve main item when grabbing. Commit.
    Fix reloading of title clips and others. Commit. Fixes bug #409569
    Update Appdata for 19.04.3 release. Commit.
    Fix opening of project files with special character. Commit. Fixes bug #409545
    Fix reloading playlist doesn’t update out. Commit.
    Don’t leak Mlt repository on first run (attempt to fix Windows fail on first run). Commit.
    Warn and try fixing clips that are in timeline but not in bin. Commit.
    Fix timeline tracks config button only showing menu when clicking its arrow. Commit.
    Fix lambda not called regression. Commit.
    Don’t hardcode width of clip/composition resize handles. Commit.
    Fix missing luma error on project opening with AppImage. Commit.
    Fix reloading clip doesn’t update duration. Commit.
    Fix overwrite/insert drop leaving audio on wrong track. Commit.
    Fix error in mirror track calculation. Commit.
    Fix overwrite clip with speed change. Commit.
    Fix keyframe corruption on project opening (was creating unexpected keyframe at 0). Commit.
    Fix keyframes corruption on dragging effect onto another clip. Commit.
    Fix composition cannot be added after deletion / if another composition is placed just after current pos. Commit.
    Fix fades broken on speed change. Commit. Fixes bug #409159
    Fix speed job overwrites without warning. Commit.
    Fix incorrect crash message on rendering finished. Commit.
    Fix timeline preview when fps != 25. Commit.
    Fix tests. Commit.
    Effectstack: don’t display keyframes that are outside of clip. Commit.
    Cleanup in clip/composition resize UI update. Commit.
    Fix thread/cache count causing concurrency crashes. Commit.
    Don’t trigger unnecessary refresh on clip resize. Commit.
    Fix crash deleting last track. Commit.
    Fix duplicate clip with speed change on comma locales. Commit.
    Don’t allow undo/redo while dragging a clip in timeline. Commit.
    Fix crash on cutting group with a composition. Commit.
    Fix crash on group cut. Fixes #256. Commit.
    Fix playlist duration in bin. Commit.
    Fix crash loading playlist with different fps. Commit.
    Fix thumbs not displayed in all thumbs view. Commit. See bug #408556
    Ensure no empty space between thumbs on all thumbs view in timeline. Commit.
    Some cleanup in audio thumbs. Fix recent regression and bug where audio thumbs were not displayed after extending a clip in timeline. Commit.
    I18n fixes. Commit.
    Use i18n for QML. Commit.
    Fix monitor image hidden after style change. Commit.
    Fix resize failure leaving clip at wrong size. Commit.
    Fix XML translation for Generators. Commit.
    Fix some effects default params on locales with comma. Commit.
    Fix crash after undo composition deletion. Commit.
    Fix i18n for QML. Commit.
    Fix various selection regressions. Commit.
    Don’t export metadata as url encoded strings. Commit. Fixes bug #408461
    Fix crash on project close, see #236. Commit.
    Fix zone rendering with updated MLT. Commit.
    After undoing deletion, item should not show up as selected. Commit.
    Fix disable clip broken regression. Commit.
    Move zoom options to Timeline, remove Duplicate View. Commit.
    Fix crash on item deletion. Fixes #235. Commit.
    Fix fade out moving 1 frame right on mouse release. Commit.
    Major speedup in clip selection that caused several seconds lag on large projects. Commit.
    Fix changing composition track does not replug it. Commit.
    Update appdata version(late again sorry). Commit.
    Fix freeze when moving clip introduced in previous commit. Commit.
    Fix typo that may prevent display of transcode menu. Commit.
    Don’t check duration each time a clip is inserted on project load,. Commit.
    Show progress when loading a document. Commit.
    Make it possible to assign shortcut to multitrack view. Commit.
    Allow resizing item start/end on clip in current track if no item is selected. Commit.
    Fix profile change not applied if user doesn’t want to save current project. Commit. Fixes bug #408372
    Fix crash on changing project’s fps. Commit. Fixes bug #408373
    Add .kdenlive project files to the list of allowed clips in a project. Commit. Fixes bug #408299
    Correctly save and restore rendering properties for the project. Commit.
    Workaround MLT consumer scaling issue #453 by using multi consumer. Commit. See bug #407678
    Fix groups keeping keyboard grab state on unselect,. Commit.
    Fix the remaining compositing issues reported by Harald (mimick the 18.x behavior). Commit.
    Don’t warn about missing timeline preview chunks on project opening. Commit.
    Fix forced track composition should indicate state in timeline (yellow background + track name). Commit.
    Save track compositing mode in project to restore it on load. Commit. Fixes bug #408081
Version 19.04.2
  • Release Date: Jun 8, 2019
  • Kdenlive 19.04.2 is out
    by farid a. | Jun 7, 2019 | Releases | 0 comments

    The second minor release of the 19.04 series is out with 77 bug fixes and minor usability improvements. Among the highlights for this release are fixes for compositing issues, misbehaving guides/markers and grouping inconsistencies. The Windows version also comes with improvements such as slideshow import and dark themes have now white icons (enable “Force Breeze Icon Theme” under settings). See the full list of commits down below. 

    As previously stated this cycle is focused on polishing the rough edges post the code refactoring and a whopping 118 fixes have been submitted in the last two months alone. We ask the community to keep testing and reporting issues on our gitlab instance or join us on IRC (#kdenlive) or Telegram. 

    In other news

    After this months Café we started to define the upcoming milestones for 19.08 which include Nested timelines and improvements in Speed Effect controls and advanced editing tools (insert/lift/overwrite). Also work started on the Titler revamping as part of the GSOC program. You can share your thoughts and ideas with Akhil over at the phabricator task.

    Bug fixes

    Fix copy effect or split does not keep disabled state. Commit. Fixes bug #408242
    Fix various keyframe related issues. Commit.
    Fix error in composition index for 1st track. Commit. Fixes bug #408081
    Fix audio recording not added to timeline. Commit.
    Fix guides in render widget. Commit.
    Fix timeline selection/focus broken by recent commit. Commit.
    Fix fade in broken on cut clips. Commit.
    Revert audio capture to wav (should fix Windows issue #214). Commit.
    Fix automask bugs (initial zone incorrect and not displayed on monitor). Commit.
    Fix timeline unresponsive after deleting all clips. Commit.
    Properly load colors & icons (Fix #112). Commit.
    Fix clip grab state not updated on deselection. Commit.
    Add speed info to clip tooltip. Commit.
    Allow shortcut for change speed action. Commit.
    Fix copy / paste track issue. Commit.
    Fix slideshow clips on Windows. Commit.
    Fix windows icons. Commit.
    Add properly scaled Windows icon. Commit.
    Fix crash opening old project file. Commit.
    Remove old speed effect from categorization. Commit.
    Automatically convert old custom effects to new type (and make a backup copy in the legacy folder). Commit.
    Fix clip transcode incorrect label. Commit. Fixes bug #407808
    Fix various transcoding issues. Commit. See bug #407808
    Prevent saving corrupted file (with no tracks). Commit. See bug #407798
    Detect corrupted project files on opening, propose to open backup. Commit. See bug #407798
    Fix timewarp test after rounding change in timewarp clip duration. Commit.
    Use default composition duration instead of full clip length on composition creation. Commit.
    Fix invalid clip on project opening. Commit. See bug #407778
    Fix 1 frame offset in clip duration after speed change. Commit.
    Fix incorrect minimum speed. Commit.
    Fix remaining marker issues. Commit.
    Don’t create producers with non integer length (fixes invalid clip issue). Commit.
    Do not use MLT producer’s get_length_time methd as it changes the way the length property is stored, causing inconsistencies (clock vs smpte_df). Commit. See bug #407778
    Fix crash when marker was at clip start. Commit.
    Fix marker position on clip cuts with speed effect. Commit.
    Fix custom effect appearing with wrong name after save. Commit.
    Use rounder rect icon instead of placeholder folder icon for custom effects. Commit.
    Correctly hide/show asset settings when deselected/reselected. Commit.
    Fix markers and snapping for clips with speed effect. Commit.
    Disable filter clip job on tracks. Commit.
    Fix crash in audio thumbs with reverse speed clip. Commit.
    Fix mistake in previous commit. Commit.
    Fix removeAllKeyframes. Commit.
    Make lock track undoable and other fixes for locking + tests. Commit.
    Re-add “go to guide” menu in timeline. Commit. Fixes bug #407528
    Fix timeline doesn’t scroll with cursor. Commit. Fixes bug #407433
    When importing a project file as clip, deduce the empty seek space. Commit.
    Fix opening project containing invalid clips (when a source file somehow went missing). Commit.
    Fix ungrouping when we have a selection of groups and single clips. Commit.
    Don’t invalidate timeline/refresh monitor on audio effects. Commit.
    Fix wrong stream imported by default on multistream clips. Commit.
    Improve snap behavior on group resizing. Commit.
    Fix dynamic text broken because of missing font & keyword params. Commit.
    Fix snapping issues (disable snapping on high zoom levels). Commit.
    Better abstraction for locking mechanism. Commit.
    Fix endless clip test. Commit.
    Fix resetView test. Commit.
    Fix edit duration from timeline menu not connected. Commit.
    Fix crash on resize after recent group resize fix. Commit.
    Restore go to marker/guide context menu in monitor. Commit.
    Fix regrouping items loses AVSplit property. Commit.
    Fix: interpolation in rotoscoping filter. Commit. Fixes bug #407418
    Fix list parameter default value broken (rotoscoping), ensure we always have a keyframe at in point. Commit.
    Allow building on Ubuntu LTS & derivatives. Commit.
    Fix context menu “edit guide” leaving empty space in menu. Commit.
    Fix fuzzer compilation. Commit.
    Fix timeline preview crash. Since a QCoreApp was created by kdenlive_render, MLT did not create its own QApplication, leading to linking crashes. Commit.
    Enforce progressive and fps on dnxhd timeline preview profiles. Commit.
    Add AppImage specific code to ensure we always set the correct path for MLT, FFmpeg, etc. Commit.
    Don’t delete timeline preview files on project close. Commit.
    Fix crash trying to delete first keyframe. Fixes #180. Commit.
    Revert composition sorting to match previous stable behavior. Commit.
    Fix title clip length 1 frame shorter than expected on creation. Commit.
    Fix grouping after copy / paster. Commit.
    Fix gap on clip move when trying to move clips. Commit.
    Fix composition tracks listed in reverse order. Commit.
    Fix copy/paste composition is one frame shorter. Commit.
Version 19.04.1
  • Release Date: May 12, 2019
  • Kdenlive 19.04.1 released
    by farid a. | May 11, 2019 | GSOC, News, Releases | 0 comments

    The Kdenlive team is happy to announce the first minor release of the 19.04 series fixing 39 bugs. The feedback by the community as well as the effort put in reporting issues has been very helpful and we encourage to keep it up. We expect to finish polishing in the coming months in order to focus on our planned pro features.

    Kdenlive 19.04.1 fixes some important issues, so all 19.x users are encouraged to upgrade. Easiest way to test it is through the AppImage, available from the KDE servers as usual:

    The Appimage also contains some last minute fixes that will be in 19.04.2 since we are still busy fixing some remaining issues after our big refactoring. This Appimage should fix the rendering and timeline preview issues recently reported, and the 19.04.1 fixes are listed below.

    Other news: work continues to improve OpenGL support, fixes by the team have been merged into MLT improving speed and the Titler will be rewritten as a GSOC project.

    19.04.1 bug fixes:
    • Search effects from all tabs instead of only the selected tab
    • Add missing lock in model cleanup. Commit.
    • Move levels effect back to main effects. Commit.
    • Fix crash closing project with locked tracks. Fixes #177. Commit.
    • Speedup selecting bin clip when using proxies (cache original properties). Commit.
    • Disable threaded rendering with movit. Commit.
    • Fix wrong thumbnails sometimes displayed. Commit.
    • Ensure fades always start or end at clip border. Commit.
    • Fix loading of clip zones. Commit.
    • Fix transcoding crashes caused by old code. Commit.
    • Fix fades copy/paste. Commit.
    • Fix broken fadeout. Commit.
    • Fix track red background on undo track deletion. Commit.
    • Update appdata version. Commit.
    • Zooming in these widgets using CTRL+two-finger scrolling was almost. Commit. Fixes bug #406985
    • Fix crash on newly created profile change. Commit.
    • Always create audio thumbs from original source file, not proxy because proxy clip can have a different audio layout. Commit.
    • Mark document modified when track compositing is changed. Commit.
    • Fix compositing sort error. Commit.
    • Fix crash opening old project, fix disabled clips not saved. Commit.
    • Fix crash and broken undo/redo with lift/gamma/gain effect. Fixes #172. Commit.
    • Fix clip marker menu. Fixes #168. Commit.
    • Fix composition forced track lost on project load. Fixes #169. Commit.
    • Fix spacer / remove space with only 1 clip. Fixes #162. Commit.
    • Fix timeline corruption (some operations used a copy of master prod instead of track producer). Commit.
    • Check whether first project clip matches selected profile by default
    • Renderwidget: Use max number of threads in render. Commit.
    • Fix razor tool not working in some cases. Fixes #160. Commit.
    • Better os detection macro. Commit.
    • Remove crash, not solving 1st startup not accepting media (see #117). Commit.
    • Remove unneeded unlock crashing on Windows. Commit.
    • Some fixes in tests. Commit.
    • Forgotten file. Commit.
    • Improve marker tests, add abort testing feature. Commit.
    • Add tests for unlimited clips resize. Commit.
    • Small fix in tests. Commit.
    • Fix AppImage audio recording (switch from wav to flac). Commit.
    • Dont remember clip duration in case of profile change. Fixes #145. Commit.
    • Fix spacer broken when activated over a timeline item. Commit.
    • Improve detection of composition direction. Commit.
    • Unconditionnaly reload producers on profile change. Related to #145. Commit.
Version 19.04
  • Release Date: Apr 23, 2019
Version 18.12.2
  • Release Date: Feb 15, 2019
Version 18.12.1
  • Release Date: Jan 5, 2019
  • Kdenlive 18.12 is out. In this version we have fixed some crashes and made some other improvements. 

    18.12 release notes
    Backport crash on image sequence import. Commit.
    Backport fix for titler text gradient. Commit.
    Add donation url to appdata. Commit.
    Fix minor EBN issues and typos. Commit.
    Fix play/pause on Windows. Commit.
    Sync quickstart manual with UserBase. Commit.
    Install doc files. Commit.
    Make it compiles when we use QT_NO_NARROWING_CONVERSIONS_IN_CONNECT. Commit.
    Fix minor EBN issues. Commit.

    If you were waiting for the refactoring version, we’re afraid you’ll have to wait a bit longer. We decided to postpone it for the 19.04 release cycle which will give us more time to polish all the edges and add some new nifty features. 

    We now have a nightly build system so you can try all the latest features;
    Among the highlights since the last release;
    Added parallel processing feature for render speed improvements;
    Added hardware acceleration for proxy clip creation;
    Blackmagic Design decklink output is back;
    The Speed effect has been reintroduced;
    Made keyframe improvements and timeline clip keyframeable GUI.
Version 18.08.2
  • Release Date: Oct 13, 2018
  • Kdenlive 18.08.2 is out bringing usability improvements and a crash fix. The Windows version is also becoming more stable with every release and this version brings fixes to the translation installation and the introduction of a crash report.

    In other news, the Refactoring is moving steadily ahead and we will release a wider test beta version soon, stay tuned. Also the refactoring branch is now building automatically on KDE’s automated integration system (CI), and all the regressions tests pass. This means that after each change to the source code, the CI will run the tests to check that no regression happens. On the sysadmin front we are cleaning up our bug tracker in preparation for the 18.12 release.

    Bug fixes:

    Improve missing luma detection (region transition) – fixes project crash. Commit.
    Home/End now also seek in clip monitor. Commit.
    Update AppData for upcoming release. Commit.
    Windows crash reports. Commit.
    Update authors. Commit.
    Fix double clicking a title clip in bin tries to rename instead of opening the title dialog. Commit.
Version 18.04.1
  • Release Date: May 12, 2018
  • Kdenlive 18.04.1 released
    by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle | May 11, 2018 | News, Releases, Uncategorized | 0 comments

    While our team is working on the awaited refactoring, we still managed to add 2 small usability improvements in the 18.04.1. version. First the safe zone overlay was improved so you can now easily spot the center of your frame:

    Then we improved the default background color for the titler so that white text can easily be read without having to make further adjustments.
    These changes were made during our great Paris sprint. At the same time, we are improving our packaging efforts, so you can find the following download options right now (besides official distro packages):

    AppImage: the latest 18.04.1 version is available, now with support for Ladspa plugins
    Flatpak: we are glad to announce the availability of Kdenlive on flathub, so it can now easily be installed on distributions supporting flatpak (thanks to Peter Eszlari).
    Windows: Vincent Pinon worked on an update to the Windows version, so windows users can now test the latest 18.04.1.
Version 18.04
  • Release Date: May 11, 2018
Version 17.12.0
  • Release Date: Dec 17, 2017
  • Kdenlive 17.12.0 released
    by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle | Dec 15, 2017 | News, Releases | 0 comments

    Kdenlive 17.12.0 released
    We are happy to announce the latest Kdenlive version, part of the KDE Applications 17.12 release, making it the last major release using the current code base. This is a maintenance release focused on stability, while feature development is going in next year’s 18.04 version. Proxy clips were given some attention and should give you better seeking experience as well as reduced memory usage for images. Other fixes include fixes in timeline preview, a crash when using a Library clip and smoother seeking on rewind playback.

    We have been pushing the AppImage packages lately because it allow us to put all required dependencies inside one file that can easily be downloaded and run on all linux distros. Today, we can also announce the immediate availability of the Kdenlive 17.12 AppImage, downloadable here :

    AppImage related fixes:

    Fix audio distortion affecting the 17.08.3 AppImage
    Include Breeze style
    Vincent Pinon is also continuing the support for the Windows version, and you can get Kdenlive 17.12 for Windows here:

    We are also making available the first usable “preview” AppImage of the refactoring branch which will receive all development focus from now and will be released as 18.04. It is not ready for production but allows you to have a look at Kdenlive’s future. You may follow the development progress here.

    Kdenlive 18.04 alpha 2 release:

    Meet us:
    Next Kdenlive Café is tonight on #kdenlive at 21PM (CET), so feel free to join us for some feedback!

    Packagers must take note that libsamplerate is now a dependency due to recent changes in FFMPEG.
    It is recommended for Ubuntu (and derivatives) users to use the AppImage version until further notice.

    Full list of changes

    Remove useless audio bitrate on pcm proxy encoding. Commit.
    Update proxy profiles. Commit.
    Make sure playlist proxies have an even height. Commit.
    Fix crash on playlists concurrent jobs using library clips. Commit. See bug #386616
    Timeline preview fixes: Don’t invalidate on expand/collapse effect, invalidate on master clip edit. Commit.
    Don’t restart clip if trying to play backwards from clip monitor end. Commit.
    Use smaller size for image proxies. Commit. Fixes bug #353577
    Fix playing backwards forwards one second. Commit. Fixes bug #375634
    Fix extension in transcode file dialog. Commit.
    Sort clip zones by position instead of name. Commit.
    Set a proper desktop file name to fix an icon under Wayland. Commit.
    FreeBSD does not have sys/asm.h — for what is this include needed on linux?. Commit.
    Doc: fix option (qwindowtitle instead of caption). Commit.
    Fix terminology: mimetype(s) -> MIME type(s). Commit.
    Fix UI string: Control Center -> System Settings. Commit.
    Const’ify code. Commit.
    Fix import image sequence. Commit.
Version 17.08.1
  • Release Date: Sep 9, 2017
    • Although the team is at full throttle getting ready for the 17.12 big refactoring release, we make available the first point release of the 17.08 series bringing various bugfixes and usability improvements. Stay tuned for testing the refactoring branch packages to be announced soon.
    • Bugfixes:
    • Remember last selected title template. Commit. See bug #384340
    • Fix proxy error (height not multiple of 2). Commit. Fixes bug #384345
    • Fix extract frame from bin exporting lower than source image. Commit.
    • Fix visibility check of tracks in multitrack-view. Commit.
    • Allow disabling autosave until we improve it. Commit. Fixes bug #384197
    • Windows: find Kdenlive lumas. Commit. Fixes bug #375337
    • Windows: terminate KDE session on window close. Commit. Fixes bug #380854
    • Windows: always use bundled MLT. Commit. Fixes bug #380036
    • Remove project profiles sharing (knsrc). Commit. Fixes bug #383238
    • Gardening: fix GCC warnings (8). Commit.
Version 17.04.3
  • Release Date: Jul 14, 2017
    • The last point release of the 17.04 cycle is out with crash and compilation fixes and minor interface improvements:
    • Fix crash on importing multistream clip. Commit. Fixes bug #381584
    • Fix crash when creating proxies – real issue not yet fixed. Commit. See bug #381738
    • Fix compile (gcc7). Commit. Fixes bug #379688
    • Show info on MLT found by CMake. Commit.
    • Non-portable flag, let build system handle it. Commit.
    • Windows icons are delivered in icontheme.rcc. Commit.
    • Fix compilation. Commit.
    • Fix custom profile not found on creation. Commit.
    • Fix loop zone. Commit. Fixes bug #378813. Fixes bug #381146
    • In comparison to previous versions this was the least exciting development cycle, in terms of new features, since all focus has been on the code refactoring which will bring more stability and new features. Don’t miss the next Café to keep track on the progress and share your thoughts if you like.
Version 17.04.1
  • Release Date: May 13, 2017
  • Kdenlive 17.04.1 released
    by farid | May 12, 2017 | Releases | 0 comments

    With the ongoing refactoring at full throttle a minor bug fix released with the ability to use VAAPI in transcoding and rendering by inserting a pre-parameter in you encoding profile (refer to commit and bug report for more info), a performance improvement and some Windows version fixes.

    Fix title clip duration cannot be changed. Commit. Fixes bug #379582
    Allow passing pre-parameters using “-i” to specify where the input file name should go in ffmpeg parameters. Commit. See bug #378832
    Fixed off-by-one errors in fft-based cross-correlation computations. Commit.
    Don’t show color theme configuration option unavailable on Windows. Commit. Fixes bug #375723
    Fix temp path on Windows. Commit. Fixes bug #375717
    Fix MLT doc link. Commit. Fixes bug #375316
    Fix script export & QScript header left. Commit.

Version 16.12.3
  • Release Date: Mar 10, 2017
    • Kdenlive 16.12.3 is out
    • The last release of the 16.12 branch brings a few, but important improvements, like fixing a couple of crashes and avoiding a possible corruption as well as a overnight render bug along with other minor stability improvements. All in all 16.12 was a great release and the best is still to come.
    • We continue our focused effort in the timeline refactoring which will bring professional grade tools, stay tuned for more info on that soon!
    • Bug fixes:
    • Fix crash & corruption on dragging multiple clips in timeline, fix thread warning on monitor refresh. Commit.
    • Avoid possible profile corruption with xml producer. Commit. See bug #371189
    • Avoid relying on xml to clone a clip. Commit. See bug #377255
    • Src/dvdwizard/dvdwizardmenu.cpp: do not show “grid” in output. Commit. Fixes bug #377256
    • Src/dvdwizard/dvdwizard.cpp: fix file loading in slotLoad. Commit. Fixes bug #377254
    • Fix Render Widget’s file dialog not working correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #371685
    • Fix render job duration when past midnight. Commit. Fixes bug #372370
    • Fix Bin Effect reset. Commit. Fixes bug #376494
    • Fix unnecessary refresh of tools when selecting titler item. Commit.
    • Fix fadeouts re-appearing on clip cut+resize. Commit.
Version 16.08.2
  • Release Date: Oct 13, 2016
    • Fix MLT Playlist proxying after recent proxy profile changes
    • Fix proxy profiles to keep aspect ratio
    • Fix broken keyframes on image/title clips
    • Fix automatic playback of file with space in name
    • Fix simplekeyframe effects (eg. blur) allowing keyframe one frame after end of clip after resize
    • Change defaults for Color selection effect so that we don’t get a black screen at startup
    • Fix “Make DocTools dep optional”
    • Fix scalable application icon
    • Make DocTools dep optional
    • Warn about resize failure
    • Don’t unnecessarily expand effect stack when unselecting a transition
    • Fix several geometry effects broken on locale with comma separator (french, german,…)
    • Fix importing library clip hanging with relative paths, improve error reporting
    • Add the namespace to the appdata file
    • Fix copy/paste of keyframes in transitions
    • Add option to remove keyframes after cursor position
    • Only allow importing position if keyframes have no width/height info
    • Fix header
    • Fix compilation
    • Fix copy/paste of keyframes
    • Fix several issues when editing an animation parameter in timeline (keyframes corruption)
    • Fix disappearing keyframes in animated parameters (Transform effect and Composite+Transform transition)
    • Fix keyframe type icons
    • Fix incorrect initialization of Composite transition
    • Fix crash when changing project fps while a clip was selected in timeline
    • Slow motion clips: don’t mix clip state with strobe param from older project files
    • Fix possible crash when closing a project or deleting a clip with subclips
    • Fix some clip jobs incorrectly adding new clip
    • Fix snapping when moving keyframe in effect stack
    • Do not silently overwrite reversed clip
    • Fix Recent regression – groups lost on project opening
    • Fix clip monitor starting to play after drag
    • Fix track effect added to wrong track
    • Fix crash when changing project fps if timeline contains groups
    • Fix groups on upper track disappearing when inserting a new track
    • FIx proxy used for rendering when app started from home dir
Version 16.08.0
  • Release Date: Aug 21, 2016
  • Kdenlive 16.08.0 is here
    Kdenlive 16.08.0 marks a milestone in the project’s history bringing it a step closer to becoming a full-fledged professional tool. The highlights of this release are:
    3 Point Editing
    Insert or overwrite a timeline region with a clip region.
    Delete or lift timeline regions.
    Also, the long-missing insert mode is now enabled and fully functional: simply drop clips onto the timeline and existing clips will move accordingly to make room.
    Timeline effect rendering
    Sometimes, you just have too much effects or transitions in your timeline to be able to play it in realtime (you can see on the video, it can only play 13 frames per seconds). This is where this new feature helps you: it pre-renders parts of the timeline so that they can be played in realtime. And you can continue working on other parts of the timeline while Kdenlive is working in the background for you.
    Stability and Improvements
    Over 370 bug fixes and code commits including various improvements to:
    DVD Wizard
    Timeline refactoring
    User interface
    Audio mixing
    Faster keyboard workflow
    New icons
    New profiles
    Fix memleaks and corruptions
    Profile Selection UI
    For a full list of changes please visit the full log page.
    Library Widget
    The new Library Widget allows to copy and paste sequences between different projects.
    Track header visual optimization
    Ability to control the width of the track header by dragging its right border left or right.
    Track compositing preview
    Individual track control has been replaced by a global option in timeline toolbar to switch compositing modes between: High Quality, Preview and None.
    Start-up wizard removal
    Kdenlive’s start-up wizard is now removed and will appear only if a configuration problem is detected. Kdenlive now starts up picking the best default options (including NTSC/PAL framerate depending on your region).
    Cached Data Manager
    Kdenlive as a video editor can produce large amounts of temporary data. Until now, all these temporary files were saved in $HOME/kdenlive. We are now switching to an XDG compliant scheme, and try to give users more infos about how much data is stored, and allow for easy mangement.
    Krita support
    Native support for Krita images was added.
    New Logo and Website
    A new modern logo and website reflecting the new phase of the project.

    We also celebrate this development cycle with an increased amount of community participation.
    In other news more work has been done porting Kdenlive to Windows as part of a GSOC project. Also work has started by the Macports team to bring it to OSX.
    Stay tuned for more information on what the future holds.
Version 16.04.1
  • Release Date: May 10, 2016
  • Kdenlive 16.04.1 was released on the 10th of May 2016.
    This is the first bugfix release for the 16.04 branch.
    Fixes include the following issues:

    Fix DVD rendering to wrong size
    Fix default timeline track height to display track icons
    Fix undo track lock leading to corruption/crash
    Fix clip job (stabilize) using wrong video size
    Fix Titler shadows clipped in Title Editor
    Fix crash when changing clip speed
    Fix audio thumbnails for 5.1 audio
    Fix Titler selection issues

    Kdenlive 16.04 information page

    Kdenlive 16.04 is a major release, bringing you the result of several months of work with the feedback of several professional video editors. Many usability and stability issues were addressed as well as dozens of new features.

    Here is a quick list of some of the features that were added:


    Configurable monitor overlay: you can now display timecode and safe zones in monitors
    Audio waveform overlay: Clip monitor now displays a preview of the audio, making it easier to seek to the wanted place
    Markers can now be edited directly on the monitor display
    Effects can be dropped directly on the monitor
    Live display of playback fps
    New audio level meter in monitor toolbar

    Faster audio thumbnails: rewritten, they are now created 7x faster, drawing 5x faster
    Editing: added "Match Frame" feature
    Transitions: implement transition parameters - Cairo Blend transitions now supports opacity and alpha operation and is keyframable

    "Split view " to display a split view of timeline's current clip with and without effect to compare
    Speed effect now uses MLT's new TimeWarp producer, so sound is now working with speed effect
    Support for curves in some effect parameters (volume, etc)
    Project Bin

    Metadata: clip metadata is back, giving you details about your audio / picture files
    Improved automatic profile: if enabled, Kdenlive automatically proposes to switch profile to match that of the first added clip
    Generators: you can easily create noise, color bar and counter clips

    New Library widget allowing to save parts of the current timeline to share them between several projects

    Fix longstanding (since the 12.x series) crash affecting titles with transitions
    Allow adjusting letter and line spacing
    Text shadow
    Gradient fill for text and rectangles
    DVD Wizard

    Alignment grid for menus

    Rendering widget rewritten to be less frightening
    New parameter to decide if you prefer faster encoding or smaller file size

    New "Favorite Effects" widget, allowing quick access to your preferred effects
    Many small UI and workflow improvments and bug fixes

    Kdenlive 15.12.2 and 15.12.3 are minor bugfix releases, and were released in february and march 2016. Among the changes, Kdenlive will now automatically use the Breeze widget style if available when used on a non KDE Desktop. Several timeline corruption issues were also fixed.
Version 15.12.1
  • Release Date: Jan 15, 2016
  • Kdenlive 15.12.1 was released in January 2016 as part of the KDE Applications release. This version fixes many bugs reported in the 15.12.0 version, all users are encouraged to upgrade to this new version. Among the changes, Kdenlive will now automatically use the Breeze widget style if available when used on a non KDE Desktop. Several timeline corruption issues were also fixed. Here is a non-exhaustive list of fixes:
    Fixed issues
    [Bug 351712] 15.11.80 - Double-clicking clip/media in Project Bin to change name doesn't show text field in proper spot

    [Bug 355380] 15.11.90: deleting topmost track with clip with transition does leave transition behind

    [Bug 355825] git master 2015-11-24 - Pan & Zoom effect uses proxy resolution for calculations

    [Bug 355936] 15.12.0: Spacer tool moves transitions of locked tracks

    [Bug 356030] 15.11.80: track speaker icon coloring is ambiguous and inconsistent with other track icons

    [Bug 356495] 15.11.90+48 - When "Split" button is clicked on a clip with no effects, clip monitor still enters "split mode". Should remain in standard mode.

    [Bug 356643] "Clip Properties" shows properties for proxy instead of the clip, when clip is proxied

    Project Settings > Proxy clips">[Bug 356644] "Manage profiles" button is missing from Project > Project Settings > Proxy clips

    [Bug 356803] Shortcut keys stop working in fullscreen

    [Bug 356807] Add button to Manage Profiles window, where profiles are selected.

    [Bug 356838] Icons missing in title editor

    [Bug 356848] New themed icons for configure Kdenlive dialog section "Project Defaults"

    [Bug 356873] Rendering crashes

    [Bug 357054] Undoing quick razor clip cut actions freezes Kdenlive

    [Bug 357095] [patch] remember last directory in dvdwizard

    [Bug 357121] Timeline position indicator is missing

    [Bug 357155] Deleting any video/audio track causes kdenlive to crash with a segmentation fault

    [Bug 357207] Git master 2015-12-01 - Proxy clips are not automatically generated when enabled

    [Bug 357324] Project Settings / Video Profile Profile Button no function/icon

    [Bug 357397] Image Sequence (with period in filename) missing upon re-opening project

    [Bug 357659] 15.13: Bézier curve UI broken: looses settings, second handle of bottom-left point non-accessible

    [Bug 357983] 15.12.0: Error removing clip after dragging

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