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New Kinect Xbox 360 Bundle Disc Scratching Problem?

Posted by: , 14:21 AEDT, Wed January 5, 2011

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Reports of the new Xbox 360 console scratching Kinect Adventure discs has gamers concerned

There have been reports that the new "Slim" Xbox 360 bundle that comes with Kinect may in fact be chewing up discs, in particularly, the Kinect Adventures disc that comes with the bundle.

This follows reports of old non slim Xbox 360 suffering the dreaded Red Rings of Death problem after being hooked up to Kinect.

The problem seems to occur more frequently with the 4GB version of the console, mainly because people tend to install games to the hard-drive on the 250GB console, and so, there is very little, if any, disc reading after the initial install process.

The Xbox 360 is also not unfamiliar with disc scratching problems, with this being a relatively common problem that plagued the older console. But this is the first reported instances of the new slim Xbox 360 also scratching discs.

One possible cause could be that, due to the required amount of jumping in Kinect games, the vibration could be the root cause of the scratching. It could also just be a bad batch of Kinect Adventure discs.

Is your Xbox 360 "slim" scratching discs? Post your experience in our forum:


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