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Microsoft's New & Improved XBOX 360

Posted by: , 05:18 AEST, Sat June 19, 2010

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The XBOX 360 by Microsoft has a totally redesigned black shiny exterior, larger hard drive, and built in Wi-Fi for the same price as the old Elite Model

The XBOX 360 by Microsoft has a new sexy black shiny exterior, 250GB hard drive, and built in Wi-Fi for the same $299 price tag as the old Elite model.

Compared to its predecessor, Microsoft pulled a 180 in terms of exterior design.  The new case is smaller, thinner, more shiny, and has more curves than a Victoria Secret model.  Microsoft also decided to add more air vents with a larger internal fan on the right side.  It does however love fingerprints, so keep a rag near by.

In the noise department, this model wins hands down against previous models.  Most of the time you can't really tell if the console is turned on or off.  Thats how quiet this sucker is. 

Unfortunately, hard drives will not be swappable with previous models as the new one carries different dimensions and is located at the bottom of the case rather than the top.  No worries though as you can use your USB thumb drive to transfer your precious data. 

Microsoft also removed the memory card slots but, there is now five USB ports.  Plenty of space for all your flash drives.  There will also be a HDMI slot and a place to plug in your new Kinect unit.

The internal guts of this console are mostly new, featuring for the first time a single chip with CPU, GPU and eDRAM which lowers the power consumption by 50% (compared to the 2005 XBOX).

Last but not least, the new XBOX 360 will no longer have a "Red Ring of Death" (RRoD).  Microsoft changed it to "Red Dot of Death" (RDoD) meaning if there is hardware failure, a single red LED will light up the center power indicator symbol.


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