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Boxee Box Gets Delayed Again

Posted by: , 05:18 AEST, Tue June 15, 2010

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The nifty little black box that brings the cool Boxee Internet TV service to HDTVs has been delayed yet again until this coming fall

Boxee has told customers that it will be pushing the Boxee Box release date to November of this year to get every thing "working properly".

I for one am glad they are pushing out the release date so they end up with a better end product rather than throwing it out there half finished just to get it out.  Microsoft went down that road with Vista and we all see how that ended up.

However, it would have been a very smart move on Boxee's part if they could release it sooner as Logitech's Google TV-based set-top box and other Google TV hardware is also coming this fall.


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