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Game Stop Sued Over False Advertising

Posted by: , 05:27 AEDT, Sat March 27, 2010
Tags: Gaming

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GameStop is now facing a lawsuit from customers who bought used games but were not told the downloable content was not free

Consumers who purchase a new game receive one-time-use-only codes to download the free content from publishers online. Those who purchase used games don't receive the same benefit, even if the used version is only $5 cheaper than a new copy.

"GameStop, who makes more than 20-percent of its revenue and nearly $2 billion from the sale of used video games, is aware of this issue, and continues to fail to alert customers that this content is not available on used games,"

Consumers who filed the suit argue that, even though they paid sometimes $5 less then "new" price, it will end up costing them more after they have to buy the "downloadable content" for $15, which is free with a new copy.

Is GameStop tricking customers?


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