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Australian Judge Rules Against MPAA

Posted by: , 11:27 AEDT, Fri February 5, 2010

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An Australian judge sides with ISP iiNet saying they are not legally responseble for what their customers do on the internet

About thirty four movie studios filed a lawsuit against iiNet after the ISP refused to send warning letters to its customers, who illegally downloaded movies using BitTorrent.

“While I find that iiNet had knowledge of infringements occurring, and did not act to stop them, such findings do not necessitate a finding of authorisation"

The lawsuit against the ISP, iiNet, over the copyright infringements of its users ended with the judge siding with the ISP, saying they are not accountable for what the user does with their internet access.

The fact that the movie studios lost the lawsuit, should set a good tone for any future similar cases.


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