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Make Your Own Hi-Def Speakers

Posted by: , 11:57 AEST, Tue April 28, 2009
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All you need is a paper plate, a shiny penny, and

This past weekend I stumbled upon a very interesting DIY video on making your own HD speakers for under a dollar a piece.  The full speaker consist of only a paper plate, foil, shiny penny and a mini-jack cable (and a piece of small tape). 

The four simple steps are listed below:

  • Wrap foil around a paper plate.
  • Place a penny on the center of the plate. ("It is important to note that you use a shiny penny for this, as a corroded penny will increase electrical resistance which will result in poor sound.")
  • Tape the exposed wiring on one end of a mini jack to the penny on the plate. )
  • Plug the cable into an audio source.
  • (Granted you cannot make these speakers for under a $1 if you go out and buy the mini jack adapter, instead of buying the mini jack connector,  find your old Walkman (some old head phones) and use that)

    You can go here to watch the video yourself.


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