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Price Reduction for Blu-ray

Posted by: , 06:46 AEDT, Tue November 11, 2008

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Analyst are predicting a price drop in the Blu-ray format for the holiday shopping season to compete with the standard DVD format as well as streaming media

Holiday prices for Blu-ray drives could fall further into the $150-to-200 range, especially with new download alternatives available from Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the Roku Netflix player.

There are several deals to be had on Blu-ray hardware at ranging from $150 to $200.  Most of those deals include movies as well.

Standard DVD format is not Blu-ray's only competitor though, you still have "streaming media" coming from all sides as LG and Samsung both have a deal with Netflix to stream movies.

Then you also have the XBOX 360 & Roku player that streams from Netflix as well.


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