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Wal-Mart Reneges on DRM Decision

Posted by: , 07:09 AEDT, Tue October 14, 2008

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About two weeks ago Wal-Mart made the statement they were shutting down their DRM servers shafting early adopters who bought the DRM music

Two weeks ago Wal-Mart made the decision to shut down its DRM services for the old music service they one supported.  At first, Wal-Mart told everyone they had until October 9th to backup their purchased music or it would be gone forever (unless played on the same PC).

Early adopters protested, and as a result Wal-Mart decided to extend the server shut-down deadline. Although, Wal-Mart hasn't given a date yet but only made the comment of "they will maintain and operate these servers for the foreseeable future."


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