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VuDu Super Sale on Set Top Box Movie Rental

Posted by: , 05:53 AEST, Thu August 14, 2008
Tags: HD, Other

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VuDu is a set top box rental company is slashing its rental prices to just ¢99

VuDu enables high-speed broadband customers to get instant access through their TV to a vast selection of top-quality video entertainment including HD movies, more than 1,000 hit television episodes and more than 6,000 movies from all major studios and over 50 independent distributors.

VuDu will start to offer an end of summer 99-cent special for blockbuster hits and classic movies.  Plus they are additionally launching its first adult channel, making them the second company even to offer adult content.

The 99-cents video renewal is a first in the digital delivery category with its high definition movies only costing $1.99 to extend the rental. 


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