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The Top 6 Plasmas To Buy

Posted by: , 04:54 AEST, Sat July 26, 2008

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If your rich and money is not an issue, here are the top 5 plasma TV's to get your hands on
There is always been a big fuss over which is better LCD or Plasma. If your looking at it from a cost view point, then LCD is way to go. If have some extra cash (thousands) they you just have to spend, may I suggest a Plasma TV.

Here are the top 6 plasma TV's to get:
  • Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX6090 - $8350
  • Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 - $4970
  • Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX608D - $7952
  • Panasonic TH-58PZ700B - $5472
  • Samsung PS-63P76FD - $5168

So how do you guarantee you're getting the best TV for all conditions? The answer is to buy a high-end plasma TV. Simply put, they leave LCD televisions in the dust.


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