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Microsoft Offers Yahoo $44.6 Billion

Posted by: , 03:14 AEDT, Sat February 2, 2008

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With Google being the top dog in search engines, Microsoft is hoping to narrow the competition by buying its rival Yahoo for $44.6 Billion
There are three main players for internet searches. You have Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. I would say the majority have found out that Google is their best bet when it comes to accurate and updated search results.

Google is enjoying the profits from being on top of the mountain, Microsoft doesn't really have much to worry about financially as they have their hands in several different cookie jars, and Yahoo is in undisclosed turmoil.

There is not a better time for a opponent to strike when their enemy is already hurt and is gasping for air and that is exactly what Microsoft is doing. Microsoft swiftly swooped in and offered Yahoo 44.6 billion dollars to buy them out.

There hasn't been a internet deal this big since the Time Warner/AOL deal, which was for $182 billion.


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