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Super Bowl to Boost HDTV Sales

Posted by: , 01:43 AEDT, Wed January 30, 2008

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Super Bowl XLII Feb. 3 is expected to be responsible for more than 2 million HDTV sales
According to analyst, over 2 million HDTV's will be sold for Super Bowl XLII. For 3 years now, the Super Bowl has been the No. 1 driver for HDTV sales, resulting in $2.2 billion in HDTV sales this year alone.

This year, HDTV isn't the only technology being used to watch the game, 18% of consumers watching the game expect to have a laptop PC nearby to check stats, IM with friends or check betting lines.

Another 12% plan to use a PC in another room to check statistics during the game, and 13% expect to use their mobile phone for the same purpose.


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