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Will HD-DVD Throw in the Towel

Posted by: , 07:17 AEDT, Wed January 23, 2008
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Not sure how much longer the HD-DVD camp can hold on, as the sales for early 2008 were pretty much dominated by Blu-Ray
Early 2008 numbers reported by Home Media Magazine show HD-DVD sold just 15 percent of high-definition disc sales during the first couple of weeks of January. Even worse, not a single movie in the same week's top ten HD sales list was HD-DVD; Blu-ray dominated the chart.

The bottom line here is the "war" isn't technically over yet, and the HD-DVD camp still has some big name followers, such as Microsoft, Universal, and Paramount.

To see a list of supporters for each HD format, click here.

Although, a large percentage is unofficially declaring Blu-Ray as the winner. Only time will tell though...


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