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They Will Always Come Back

Posted by: , 04:26 AEDT, Tue October 30, 2007

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Take one down, pass it around, 99 BitTorrent sites waiting to launch
Seriously though, when will they learn? That is the RIAA & MPAA. Every time they shut down a BitTorrent site, 50 more pop up in its place.

The latest take down comes on OiNK. I wasn't aware of OiNK but, from what I have read it was a place to enjoy high quality music albums. They were strict with their upload guidelines, and thats what made them stand out.

Pirate Bay, the same people who brought back, is going to resurrect OiNK. However, they are going to call it BOiNK.

BOiNK is asking that the former OiNK community upload their old OiNK torrents.


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