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Liquid Crystal on Silicon TV's

Posted by: , 06:40 AEST, Sat April 7, 2007
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There is a new type of TV coming out to rival LCD's and Plasma's but, its not thin and it won't hang on the wall but, its a hell of alot cheaper
A new company by the name of MicroDisplay, based out of California, is going to start manufacturing large (56" or bigger) rear projection TV's. These TV's are suppose to arrive this summer and retail between $1,300 to $1,500 dollars.

This new technology called "microdisplay" or LCOS is a silicon chip covered in liquid crystals. Light is reflected off the chip and then through a projector to produce a quality image on the TV screen.

LCOS was orginially designed for the military for the use of virtual reality goggles. Well those goggles never took off so they decided to go to the television market with it.

LCOS TV's would beat the average price of a similar-size LCD ($5,496) or plasma ($3,298) by atleast $1,700 dollars easy.


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