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Trying to Catch up With the Competition

Posted by: , 07:43 AEDT, Thu March 8, 2007
Tags: PS3

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Sony plans to release of its awaited and much over due PlayStation 3 online service today that would have similar capabilities as the XBOX Live service
The big announcement this week was Sony's "PlayStation Home" which will become available supposedly this autumn. "PlayStation Home" will supports streaming video and advertising and will host virtual characters in common areas and private rooms.

Features such as persistent online identities, gamer achievement lists, and friends lists are all pretty much guaranteed to come as part of the package.

Rumored features include the ability to create tiny Mii-like avatars that represent a player's online identity. Avatars will be able to collect game rewards and achievements in the form of virtual trophies, and will also have the option of interacting with other avatars in a 3D virtual environment.

The online service, which is rumored to be provided for free to all PlayStation 3 owners, will create more buzz and excitement around Sony's new flagship game console. So far, the high price of the PS3 and lack of compelling exclusive games have limited sales.


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