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DivX for Digital Cameras

Posted by: , 06:51 AEDT, Tue February 20, 2007
Tags: DivX/Xvid

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The new Coach 9 processor will enable high quality DivX video encoding for digital cameras and provide the user with compatibility with millions of DivX certified players
The Zoran COACH 9 processor has received DivX Certification, as a DivX Certified Recorder, Zoran's COACH 9 processor provides DivX video capture support in a number of next generation digital still cameras, powering high-quality DivX video recording capabilities for consumers.

The COACH 9 processor is an application specific digital signal processing IC, which constitutes the heart of a digital camera for capturing still images and video. It provides a complete, integrated, low power and low cost solution for digital camera manufacturers.

When evaluating digital still cameras in the market, consumers frequently demand the ability to record video in addition to shooting still photos. The capability to record high-quality video in the DivX media format has become an important product differentiator for digital still camera OEMs to offer consumers.

Through its DivX Certification, Zoran can provide its digital still camera OEMs products featuring DivX Certified Recorder "movie mode."


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