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Wii Woes Already

Posted by: , 13:59 AEDT, Fri December 8, 2006

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People are already having negative feedback on the Nintendo Wii
With the Nintendo Wii finally released, some are skeptical of how long it will be before Nintendo gets sued. Why? Well, some gamers are already complaining about problems with the system.

A few incidents have already occured involving the "Wii Remote". The remote does have a "safety strap" on it that you attach to your wrist to prevent accidental slippage. It doesn't prevent much damage however if the strap breaks.

"The gamers claimed that when he and his friends brought home the Wii, they played it almost nonstop for 24 hours. Then, when playing a game of bowling on Wii Sports, the gamer’s friend reels back to roll his ball and feels the controller slip from his hands. Instead of the strap preventing the controller from flying, it snaps."

I got a little too much into WiiSports Bowling. One wiimote plus a set of butter-fingers plus a weak strap equals one busted stereo display. Not a big deal, I'll probably use it as an excuse to replace my 10+ year old, randomly malfunctioning, Sony AV Receiver

Wiimote Bowling Damage

"yesterday i was playing baseball on wii sports with some friends and, obviously, we were really getting into it. it's my turn to pitch and my wiimote slips out of my hand as i swing my arm. "don't worry," i thought,"that's what the safety strap is there for." then it snapped. my wiimote flew out of my hand and hit my tv, crashing through the bottom left corner of the screen. we still finished the game."

Wiimote Baseball Damage

Now out of those 3 incidents, I would say Nintendo is not at fault now is the Wii Remote a faulty device. That is just plain childish behavior and looking for something, anything to blame it on.

Will these incidents hurt Nintendo's sales on the Wii? In my opinion, Absolutely not as all of these incidents were caused by neglect and misuse of the device.



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