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YouTube in High Definition

Posted by: , 03:44 AEDT, Wed December 6, 2006

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Azureus has decided to broaden its horizons from just BitBorrent clients to include a video sharing site called "Zudeo"
Azureus has launched Zudeo, a site for finding and sharing large video files. They will be joining with 20 major TV and film companies to provide free programs, although no names have been mentioned yet. Azures says the focus will be on “high quality DVD and HD content.” Zudeo is a mix of YouTube’s social sharing and a B-to-C content channel.

“Today, content creators and publishers can use Zudeo to freely promote and distribute their digital creations, with no limitation in length or video quality,” BianRosa said. “Furthermore, they can use our social networking tools to expose their content throughout the web, including blogs and social networks. Similarly, movie, games, and music fans can access a growing catalog of high resolution media content and share it with their friends easily.”

Companies that began file sharing programs have had a tough time avoiding trouble and the RIAA. KaZaA has tried this same type of content sharing but, it just didn't take off like they were hoping it would.



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