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ConvertXtoDVD Update

Posted by: , 03:18 AEST, Thu October 26, 2006

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A few subtitle bug fixes and some other minor fixes as well
A new version of ConvertXtoDVD has been released.

Change log for ConvertXtoDVD version 2.1.5:
    Release Date: Oct 25, 2006
  • 0000423: [Bug] Internal subtitle problem
  • 0000416: [Bug] Relative Position (Ex: 25%, 90%) of subtitles has not worked since v2.0.15
  • 0000422: [Feature Request] .RAM and .RM valid video extentions
  • 0000400: [Bug] Unicode characters are not displayed correctly in some places
  • 0000393: [Bug] External Subtitle files are logged as DVDSUB internet subtitle streams
  • 0000192: [Feature Request] Add conversion support for internal DVDSub tracks.
  • 0000407: [Unsupported file/stream format] Issues with Stream #0 - Video: 3IV

You may download the new version here.


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