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How Bad Do You Want a PS3 ?

Posted by: , 13:49 AEST, Tue September 12, 2006
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Sony is gambling that you will be so eager to own one, you will pay good money to be one of the first
Last week, Sony announced it would have only 400,000 units available during the US PlayStation 3 launch--around 74,000 more than the approximately 326,000 Xbox 360s that were sold in the five days after that console went on sale. Following the news, many wondered how many of those PS3s would be the $599 premium model, which comes with a 60GB hard drive and HDMI high-definition video output, and how many would be the $499 model, which sports only a 20GB hard drive.

Today, gamers got the first clue as to how the initial PS3 shipment will break down. "The split between premium (60GB) and core (20GB) units at US retail stores should be roughly 80/20 [percent],". A pretty smart idea on Sony's part considering all the hype anticipated by the launch. More...

Credit: Game Spot


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