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Blu-ray or HD-DVD?

Posted by: , 15:48 AEST, Tue April 18, 2006
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Which one will win out
It could be the 21st-century version of Beta versus VHS.

In a scenario reminiscent of the 1980s battle over how VCRs should be formatted, two technologies are wrangling for supremacy in high-definition DVDs and, ultimately, in the $24 billion-a-year market for home videos.

But for now, consumers might be well-served to wait for a winner.

Like the VHS-Betamax struggle 25 years ago, today's competing technologies are more similar than different. But the stakeholders couldn't agree last year on a unified format. Toshiba wanted to finalize production of its new HD-DVD players and laptops. Sony balked at downgrading its higher-capacity Blu-ray Disc devices, which will go into its new PlayStation console this year. More...

Credit: STL Today


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