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Morpheus Fights RIAA and MPAA

Posted by: , 14:14 AEST, Sat April 15, 2006

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Morpheus said Friday negotiations to settle a five-year copyright battle with the entertainment industry have failed and it will now fight the case in court
The move by StreamCast represents a turnaround from only a few weeks ago, when StreamCast and representatives for the film studios and music companies began talks to settle the case.

The entertainment companies sued StreamCast, Grokster Ltd., the company behind the Grokster file-swapping service, and Sharman Networks Ltd., which distributes Kazaa, in 2001.

Wilson ruled in 2003 that the file-sharing service operators were not liable for any illegal copying of music, movies and other works conducted by the services' users. The ruling was later upheld by an appeals court in California. More...

Credit: ABC News


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