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RIAA Loses

Posted by: , 03:08 AEDT, Wed March 22, 2006

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RIAA is licking its wounds after losing a bid for unfettered access to the hard drive of an Oregon mother it's victimizing in a p2p file sharing case.
The woman, Tanya Andersen, lives alone with her nine-year-old daughter, Kylee, RIAA Logo surviving on Social Security disability payments.

On behalf of the RIAA, "settlement" worker Mark Eilers accused her of "illegally" downloading music files, demanding an extortion payment to get the labels off her back.

But Andersen, 43, says she's has never downloaded or distributed music in her life and since February last year, when the labels' civil copyright infringement lawsuit was filed, has been trying to end her nightmare by having the RIAA examine her computer so they could see for themselves.

The RIAA had always ignored her but then, out of the blue, suddenly wanted a court order to allow it to ferret freely through her hard drive. More...

Credit: P2P Net


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