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Phone Companies Complain About VoIP

Posted by: , 14:56 AEDT, Tue March 7, 2006
Tags: Computing

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VoIP (Voice over IP) revolution has received a big boost from the biggest name in Internet networking, Cisco Communications
Cisco officially announced today the release of "Cisco Unified Communications," a broad marketing initiative that brings together updates to a whole suite of Internet telephony products and services.

First up is the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, CISCO VoIP a software program for Windows that offers an easy-to-use graphical interface for the user to navigate through the existing maze of voice communications products installed in their business. The user can click on a contact and find out where a person is whom they want to contact, and the system will automatically route the message to the most optimal communications device (mobile, pager, e-mail, VoIP phone, etc.) More...

Credit: ars technica


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