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Sony to bow Blu-ray titles

Posted by: , 17:31 AEDT, Wed March 1, 2006
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Find out the release date for Blu-Ray disc's
The Blu-ray Disc format will make its formal U.S. debut on May 23, just under two months after the launch of its rival high-definition platform, HD DVD.

The late-May launch will include eight titles from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and four from Lionsgate, the two studios said Monday. Sony will release seven more catalog titles June 13, while Lionsgate will chip in another six.

Among the first wave of releases from Sony, are 50 First Dates, House of Flying Daggers and MGM's The Last Waltz.

Lionsgate titles include Crash, Saw and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

The Lionsgate titles will retail for $30 to $40 each. Sony doesn't’t include suggested retail prices with its releases, but catalog titles from the studio are expected to retail for about $25, while new releases will go for about $30.

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Credit: Video Business Online


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