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    How useful is VirtualDub ?

    There is no free software that can match the features and ease of use of VirtualDub - even some commercial products will have a tough time going against VirtualDub and some of its more advanced features.

    Is VirtualDub easy to use ?

    Compared to most other software of its nature, VirtualDub is extremely easy to use, yet does not sacrifise advanced functions for ease of use. Although if you are using VirtualDub for the first time, you may be a little confused by some of the jargons used, but after some experimenting and consulting of the help file, you'll be an expert at VirtualDub in no time.

    What can VirtualDub do ?

      Video capturing - Compatible with most video capturing devices, VirtualDub's video capturing tool is a great way to capture short clips.

      Video editing - VirtualDub offers linear video editing, and support for things such as filters, re-compression, audio track substitution and most of the features beginners will need. Realtime previews of filtering effects are also available.

      Video conversion - VirtualDub supports AVI and MPEG-1 files as input, and with the use of external compression codecs, such as the DivX codec, you can easily convert AVI/MPEG-1 to DivX files, for example. You can also choose to only compress the audio, leaving the video as it is, and also vice versa (compress video, but leave audio as it is).

      VirtualDub video compression VirtualDub audio compression

    How long does it take to convert a movie ?

    VirtualDub is very efficient. For example, VirtualDub can compress an 320x240 MPEG-1 file into DivX video and MP3 audio at 8+ frames per second on a Celeron 333a. The applications of filtering effects can reduce performance, as expected, but not by any significant margin.

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