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This site will be 110% devoted to Nvidia related DVD information, downloads, news, links and more. For the present, this site has some download and tips that will improve your DVD viewing experience on your Nvidia based graphic card. This site is currently also under construction, and only mainly has Asus specific information.

We hope you enjoy your visit. This site belongs to DVD Digest - visit them for more great DVD downloads, news and tech-support


Downloads :

  • Is your tv-out picture not entirely full-screen ?
    Want full screen? Do you have a TNT/TNT 2 (that uses the BT869 tv-out chip) that doesn't do full-screen tv-out? There is now a utility that can stretch out your picture to the full-size of your TV - it's perfect for DVD playback. Plus, it also allows you to remove Macrovision directly from your tv-out !!

    Get TV-Tool v5.0 now !!

    If you have an Asus card with the Chrontel tv-out chip, get this utility for full-screen (NTSC only) tv-out :
    Get TVCC 2000 v1.21 now !!

  • Download DVD Genie today to give your-self region-free DVD playback. Get it on this page

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  • Find the latest driver downloads and information to improve your DVD playing experience on the drivers page

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  • Want to know which DVD software player is best for your Nvidia card? Do you want to know which soft-cinemaster settings suit you best? Find out on the tips and FAQs page

  • Want to remove Macrovision from your DVD playback ? Find out how on this page

  • Want to get full-screen tv-out when playing DVDs, games or viewing your windows desktop ? Find out how on this page

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  • Please check out our forum where you can discuss the latest Nvidia and DVD related matters

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