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  • ARCHIVED DVD NEWS For : 2nd November 1999


    The Matrix makes makes way for Blair Witch...

    From DVD Express's Top 10 DVD seller's list, 4 week in a row winner, The Matrix, has finally been overtaken by the long-time second place The Blair Witch Project.
    This may have happened because Halloween was just around the corner, or maybe because we have finally gotten sick of The Matrix (is that possible??), but me thinks this has to do with the extra low price the Blair Witch currently enjoys :)

    New Nvidia Drivers makes DVD playing even better ...

    Newly released 3.35 drivers from NVIDIA for the TNT and TNT2 cards may mean that the 2 year running "scaling" bug has finally fixed. This will mean wonders for DVD viewers, as the new bugless scaled images will looked much better than before. All this does come at a price - resolution and refresh rates has to be lowered to allow for the new memory-hungry scaling process.
    Get your copy of the 3.35 reference drivers here - Nvidia's Official page

    New Hollywood+ v1.8 Drivers

    SigmaDesigns has released the 1.8 version drivers for their Hollywood+ DVD decoder card, for both the 95/98 and NT4 (sp3) operating systems. Major improvements include better support for DTS, better NTSC to PAL conversion and many other fixes and improvements. Get a copy of it from :

    DTS Music CDs

    Although not specifictly DVD related, this new multi-channel music format does share some common technology with DVD movie discs. This seems to be enough reason for the people at to have written an article for this new technology.
    You can read more about it at : DVDFile

    Saving Private Ryan Limited DTS version DELAYED ?!?

    One of the most high profile DVDs of this year could be delayed due to mastering problem - or so the rumors say. But official spokes-people from DreamWorks say that this is not true, and the DTS version of Saving Private Ryan will be released on schedule (which happens to be today, the 2nd of November). I for one don't know what to think, since I have pre-ordered this title, and hope that it won't be delayed. However, a quick check at DVD BoxOffice has turned up the fact that the DTS version will now have a "12th November" arrival date. But then again, they are situated in Canada, which might mean that supplies there are limited.

    30-50% off DVDs won't last forever

    I'm sure you have all seen the "30-50%" off DVD movies that have been posted, quite liberally, around some DVD online retailers. While most simply state over-priced RRPs (and then take 30-50% off them), some of these savings are actually genuine. The Matrix has been placed on the 40% off list at for quite some time now, and it doesn't look as if prices are ever going to go up again. The same can be said of many Pre-order items at However, in a recent search around, I have discovered that many discounted pre-order items, like the Ricky Martin DVD Video Collection has gone up in price since it became a non-pre-order item. In fact, it went up $2.50 from $14.99 to $17.49, only 1 day after is was officially released. So for those of you who are thinking that pre-order items will stay at their extra-low prices after they are officially released, should think otherwise. Not all of these discounts will stay discounted forever - so for those who haven't secured a copy of The Matrix yet, you should do it soon....


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