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Paper (Star) Wars - Getting Started

1. Game Modes

2. How to Play

  1. Select one of the game modes (and select a chapter, or change the game settings)
  2. Read the intro/story if there's any
    • Tip #1: In the story mode, there will usually be tips on these screens specifically designed to help you beat the current chapter
      Paper (Star) Wars Intro Tips
  3. Press the icon for the ship you want to place, and touch anywhere in the placement area to place ships (you can touch, hold and drag the map around). With no ship icons selected, you can also touch placed ships to remove them. Press the "Finish Placement" button when you're done
    • Tip #2: Try to place your important ships towards the back
    • Tip #3: Lining up your ships with enemy ships makes it easier for you to aim
    • Tip #4: In story mode, not using up all your available credits allows you to save some of these credits for the next chapter (but only if you've not completed the next chapter yet), if you win the current chapter, that is. In Reb campaign mode, you also get bonus credits for not using up all your available resources, which goes towards your total score.
  4. To fire, touch the ship you want to fire from, the "Fire" button should show up. Click on this button to initiate aiming mode. To aim, swipe (touch screen, hold, and drag fingers in direction of fire, let go to fire) in the direction you want to fire.
    • Tip #5: To make aiming easier, press your phone's "Menu" button, and turn on Easy Aim mode (you can also turn the sound on/off here)
      Paper (Star) Wars Easy Aim
    • Tip #6: You can make aiming more accurate by making sure your touch-on and touch-off distance is as far as possible. For example, when you're playing the bottom side, touch the screen as near the bottom of the screen as possible, and then drag your fingers towards the top of the screen, as high as you can go - this allows for more control over the precise firing angle
    • Tip #7: Use the background, including the wreckage of your wing-men, to help you aim. Remember where you aimed last time by aiming at something in the background, and if you missed, adjust your aim accordingly
      Paper (Star) Wars
background aiming
    • Tip #8: There's a secret bonus if one particular ship hits three targets in a row
  5. The side that destroys the other side's ships first is the winner
    • Tip #9: If some of your ships survived, you get bonus credits that you can use towards the next chapter (but only if you've not completed the next chapter yet). In Reb campaign mode, you also get bonus credits for keeping some of your squad mates alive at the end of each level, with the bonus score going towards your total score.